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  1. I'm not sure I'm even allowed to live in Texas if I don't eat jalepenos, hot peppers or tomato. In fact, I'm pretty sure everyone here is exposed to those things second-hand through the air, all day every day. I'm kidding, of course.
  2. It's not the avocado/onion. That's not a nightshade. It's the green peppers (guac dippers), jalepenos and tomatoes.
  3. Hi guys, So far, I've reintroed everything except cruciferous veggies. Legumes: Gas/bloat/indigestion the next day. Dairy: Slight gas the next day. TOTALLY WORTH IT. Non-gluten grains: Naseau two days following (pretty sure this was medicine related.)Gluten: Oh god, headaches and slightly drunk feeling, totally out of it the next day. Not worth it. Now I also took out cruciferous veggies (which I will try on Sunday) and nightshades. I've reintro'd nightshades twice now (couldn't resist the guac bar at lunch.) Both times I've eaten nightshades, I've gotten a runny nose and itchy eyes. For real. Does this mean I'm allergic? I really miss nightshades so much and the runny nose and itchy eyes are fine as far as I'm concerned. Could there be larger health impacts I'm missing?
  4. It seemed so weird! I won't really miss it, I rarely ate bread or pasta before... but it's good to know. Catherine
  5. Reintro-ed gluten yesterday and each time, immediately after I ate: I got a headache that lasted for about a half hour I felt out of it, almost kind of drunk or drugged, for about a half hour My tummy was fine, but today I feel foggy and my joints ache. A little (TMI) constipated, but no other gastric issues Obviously my body does not care for gluten, but it seemed so strange and so sudden, I thought I'd share and see if anyone else had these symptoms. The gluten I ate was high-quality, organic bread (M1), pasta (M2) and pizza dough (M3) with no preservatives, etc. Catherine
  6. Holy crap! Doctor called and I have Hashimotos. she said the extra inflammation is from an increase in my thyroid meds and is switching the meds to something new. Should take care of it. Thanks guys!!!!
  7. Haha. My digestion has been ok. A little gassy and a lot constipated though. I do have a little paunch that is still sticking around. The thing is that I've removed nightshades and cruciferous veggies, which with no do you people do it?!?! What is there left to eat? ETA: Last week I was eating high FODMAP foods and the inflammation went down significantly. :-/
  8. Things were going great last week, but this week the inflammation is even worse and I'm exhausted again at the end of the day. :-/ The doctor is running some tests but here's a sample of what I've been up to and eating in case maybe someone can see something that I can't. Meal 1: Salad with Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Raspberry + Blueberry with Raspberry Vinaigrette from Whole30, Egg Foo Young (minus the pepper ingredients) with Sunshine Sauce (no red pepper), Bacon, and Green Beans, Compliant Bacon, Mushrooms and Onion. Meal 2: Salad with Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Raspberry + Blueberry with Raspberry Vinaigrette from Whole30, Ground Beef Patty, Sweet Potato Hash with onion and compliant prosciutto Pre WO: Meatball Meal 3 + Post WO (since it was 8 p.m.): Spaghetti Squash with Spinach Pesto + EVOO, 2XChicken and Butternut Squash Puree with Clarified Butter + Chicken Stock from Whole30. Meal 1: Salad with Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Raspberry + Blueberry with Raspberry Vinaigrette from Whole30, Meat Balls, Bacon, and Green Beans, Compliant Bacon, Mushrooms and Onion. Meal 2: Spaghetti Squash with Spinach Pesto + Evoo, Butternut Squash Puree with Clarified Butter + Chicken Stock from Whole30, Salad with Avocado, Carrot, Cucumber, Celery, Apple, Raspberry + Blueberry with Raspberry Vinaigrette from Whole30 Meal 3: Mashed sweet potato w/Clarified Butter + Coconut Milk, Meat Balls, Bacon, and Green Beans, Compliant Bacon, Mushrooms and Onion in Evoo Any help is appreciated!!!! You guys are the best! Thank you!
  9. Oh my god. I'm on day five of no cruciferous veggies and no nightshades and my energy levels are through the roof AND my inflammation is way down. I think we might have found the problem. Thanks for all the advice guys!
  10. I'm going to try this at the same time for at least two weeks. We'll see. I'll also be heading to the doctor on Thursday so maybe she'll have some added insight.
  11. For me it was just getting carbs in some version. They are important (according to my limited research) to manufacturing seretonin. I added a baked potato a day and it helped a lot. I've also relied on butternut squash, parsnips and plantains. You can even make tostones (plantain chips) which aren't sweet. You make them out of the green plantains. In a pinch, fruit will do, but I've been trying to avoid that as well.
  12. Agh. I was about to go make some cauliflower rice... OK, I'll give it a shot. So do this, but keep the nightshades? Or should I do both? My biggest issues are the tiredness and the inflammation in my hands and hips...
  13. Hey! Thanks for your response! That is some helpful information. I think I've been a little lax on the postWO which could explain some things. Especially when that postWO is after run. I can also switch the carbs to later in the day. I rarely snack — the one on Thursday had more to do with delaying my actual dinner due to schedule constraints. I don't really get hungry until a little bit before meal time. If I do have to delay eating from my normal time, I don't suffer from blood sugar crashes like I used to. I do eat tomatoes and/or potatoes every day, and increased white potatoes from 0 when I started. I also use a lot of peppers in seasoning. Though I didn't really eat any bell peppers this week, I do most weeks. As for cruciferous veggies, I eat a lot of those, more than tomatoes, white potatoes or peppers. Brussels spouts, cauliflower, broccoli are my favorite. Though can lead to gas for me.
  14. I am nearing the end of the 30 days, after starting in July and having to start over on Aug. 7 due to some sneaky sulfites. Mostly I feel the same. I've lost what seems to be a decent amount of weight. Body composition has changed for sure. And the light patch of excema on my arm is almost clear. Oh, and I think I've finally nailed that sugar dragon. Which is crazy. I rarely crave sweets. Overall, I'd rate this one a huge success. But I still feel drowsy and tired in the afternoons, I want to nap, my workouts are about the same, and I've certainly not experienced any tiger's blood. The biggest issue is my hands are achy. I've had a touch of arthritis/carpal tunnel for a short time (I'm 35) but never this bad, and it seems like it's actually gotten worse during my Whole30. My hips and back also are inflamed, after several weeks of being completely clear. Anyway, here's a peak at my usual diet. Thursday: Breakfast: Two egg muffins in prosciutto with added pesto sauce for fat. Serving of roasted brussels sprouts and new potatoes. Lunch: Chicken with spaghetti squash and pesto. Roasted butternut squash and mashed cauliflower with ghee. Snack: 1 Meatball, veggies and cauliflower hummus with tahini and almond butter Dinner: Meatballs with spaghetti squash and tomato sauce with mushrooms, roasted brussels sprouts, mashed cauliflower. Friday: Breakfast: One egg muffin in prosciutto with pesto, 2 meatballs, new potatoes, butternut squash. Lunch: Salad with beets, chicken, olive oil and lemon, side of fruit. Pre WO: 1 meatball WO: Run 2 miles (meant it to be shorter, but I left my keys at the gym), lifted weights for 20 minutes. Post WO/Dinner (I had to combine due to time constraints and not wanting to eat dinner at 10 p.m.: Meatballs, butternut squash, spaghetti squash and tomato sauce. I'm thinking maybe I should extend my Whole30 a couple of weeks and drop nightshades from my diet, which sucks, because I've basically been doing this for 52 days. I have to go out to eat with clients and potential clients at least once a week, which is really tricky. And there are birthdays approaching (including mine) and also: tomatoes and peppers? I live for spicy food. Any advice would be helpful. My diet pre-Whole30 was pretty healthy except for the sweet tooth. Though I rarely ate white potatoes, and I started eating them to keep my carbs up (If I don't have enough carbs, I get depressed, and it limits my workouts). I've made an appointment with my doctor for next week. But seriously, thoughts? Should I go another two weeks and drop potatoes, tomatoes and all peppers?