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  1. Mads

    Do you find yourself judging?

    You have no idea how relieved I am to read this response! I live in a city with a major food desert problem. I recognize that I am extremely privileged to 1.) Afford a whole foods diet 2.) Live within a few miles of stores selling quality meats and fresh produce 3.) Own a working car so that I can easily access those stores and buy enough food to feed my family and transport it home 4.) Have a full kitchen with a working stove, oven, full-sized fridge, freezer, and wide array of cooking implements 5.) Have TIME every night to cook a meal from scratch for my family. There are so many barriers people face just trying to put food on the table. Who are we to judge them for what calories they manage to get into their bellies every day? As for convincing friends and family who have the same means as us, I find it helps if we don't try to act like we've found the SECRET TO LIFE and everything is amazing now. This is my third Whole30. It is still hard. I miss chocolate. I miss going out for lattes with coworkers. Eating out is almost impossible (I live in the South. They don't do paleo down here). It is, in fact, way hard to do a Whole30. Not giving birth hard (although this takes longer), and certainly not cancer hard. But it's still not easy. I find that my friends are actually way more curious and supportive and interested when I'm honest about the fact that this isn't the most "fun" way to eat (cuz cake is always going to be more fun than kale) -- but I still love it and do it anyway.
  2. Mads

    The crazy things people say

    On Galentine's day (Feb 13), all my coworkers treated each other with cheesecake, fried chicken biscuits, and donuts. They all know about my W30 and never offered me any -- and they never make fun/say dumb stuff either (they're all impressed with my resolve, actually). So you can imagine my surprise when I returned to my desk after a meeting to find... A bite-sized frosted brownie. Me: "Who even put this here? Is this a joke??" Coworker: "It's from _________. She left one for everyone and we just didn't know what to do with it so we just left it there! I'm so sorry we tempted you!" LOL. Please. I watched them all eat chocolate-dipped cheesecake. A walmart brownie with crusty frosting would not be my undoing.
  3. Mads


    I cannot find coconut aminos anywhere -- not even Whole Foods has it! I blame it on living in the South...
  4. Chefs may hear finnicky requests all the time, but that doesn't mean they like it. Restaurant employees straight-up hate "That Guy," mostly because That Guy pisses the chef off and he, in turn, makes things worse for the staff. Chefs and line-cooks do their jobs mostly by physical memory -- they have a specific routine that they go through to manage multiple unique dishes cooking at once. Even at a place that has a changing menu, they have a mix of cooking techniques and main ingredients on their menu that lend themselves to easy-to-follow physical patterns in the kitchen. Requests like ours don't just make it harder for the chefs to cook our own meal, they disrupt the entire kitchen by setting off a chain reaction. So, yeah, we can get food at the restaurant. But no matter how nice we are to the waiter... we're still being jerks in the eyes of the staff. All that being said, I have a lunch meeting with a funder at a restaurant in two hours. I'm very thankful they have a buffet -- otherwise, I'd be getting a dry burger without the bun and drilling them about soup ingredients.
  5. Mads

    Smoothies are a No No

    My motto is "Whatever gets calories into her/him!" I think sneaking veggies into a smoothie/applesauce/soup is totally fine for a toddler/ pre-schooler. Just make sure you offer a non-sneaky vegetable at every meal so your LO recognizes that veggies are a part of dinner time. As for some good kid-friendly veggies: My daughter ADORES spaghetti squash "peanut noodles." Even if she rejects all other veggies (or sometimes, all other foods, period.), she will gobble up a quarter of a small squash on her own. You can make a W30 version with sunbutter and they're great.
  6. Mads

    Do toddlers need anything besides water?

    Toddlers need a lot of calcium and high-quality fats in their diet -- fat makes up roughly half of their calories betwen 12 and 18 months. Because they tend to eat inconsistently (which is totally normal and good!), whole milk is often really important source of vitamins, protein, and fats. The other thing is that babies are primed to drink milk. Before 12 months of age, most of a child's calories are supposed to come from milk. They don't even fully digest solid food until after a year; we saw whole slices of sweet potato and carrot in our daughter's diapers until just a month ago (she's 15 mo.). It would not be kind to a little one's digestive system to suddenly switch to all table foods and no milk. All that said, I think if you make the switch VERY gradually, a toddler would be okay without milk -- assuming they eat well! And of course, if you're able and willing to breastfeed, you don't HAVE to wean at 12 months. You can continue nursing and let that be the only milk your child has. Cow's milk is problematic, but breastmilk really is nature's perfect food! (If you are unable to nurse, though, don't feel bad! Formula is totally fine.) Just make sure your pediatrician is informed and on board. I am no doctor, so her/his advice totally trumps whatever I have to say.
  7. Mads

    June 1st Support Thread

    Wow! 19 lbs -- did you ever feel hungry or deprived? That's amazing. Well done! I lost 7, which makes me happy. I can finally say I'm losing some of the pregnancy weight! Hmmm. You can always look on the Troubleshooting forum to see if anyone else experienced similar effects. You might also want to weigh in again tomorrow, to see if some of that is water weight. What about other markers for success? Did you tame a sweet tooth, stop feeling tired after meals (those were my big two), get clearer skin or reduce inflammation from an injury? I hope my optimism doesn't bug you (I kinda' hate encouragement when I'm disappointed) -- I just don't want anyone to think this experience was a waste.
  8. Mads

    June 1st Support Thread

    Yeah my tummy wasn't thrilled, but I think it was the acidity of the coffee (haven't had a drop in 30 days) and not the tablespoon of cream in there. I didn't even finish the cup, haha -- I kept forgetting I had poured it!
  9. Mads

    June 1st Support Thread

    I made it!! We're about to sit down to dinner: steelhead trout fillet with an orange-balsamic marinade, roasted spicy sweet potatoes, and steamed green beans from our CSA with clarified butter. And maybe a plum from our trees for "dessert". Yummmm. It's really weird to think that tomorrow, I can eat whatever I feel like eating. I know I'm still going to have my usual eggs and kale for breakfast, but with my sister, bro-in-law, toddler nephew, and dad all coming to visit me tomorrow (which is so exciting! I haven't seen my sister and her family in a year -- they haven't even gotten to meet my daughter yet!), I really can't know what I'll be having for lunch. But I already have some really great Paleo dinners planned: A 4th of July cookout with burgers, chicken breasts, grilled pepper and sweet onions, purple potato salad; taco night where everyone can have the shells and I'll stick with lettuce cups; roasted chicken with sweet potatoes, beets, and spinach salad. It's really important to me that I actually take these lessons to heart and keep eating this way. If I just go back to eating whatever this week, justifying it with "I have family in town," then this whole experience will have been for nothing. I kicked all those cravings for a reason! Plus, this is a chance to show my family how reasonable it can be to eat a Paleo diet (80-90%) full time. But boy... I am so excited for that iced coffee with cream tomorrow.
  10. Mads

    June 1st Support Thread

    Ermahgerd. That looks delicious!
  11. Mads

    June 1st Support Thread

    Exactly! And I do plan on continuing with Paleo. I ate a Paleo diet before I got pregnant (it all fell apart when I craved toast and milk like it was my job) and used time and the new baby as an excuse to keep eating an "easier" American diet. It's a shame it took me so long to return to what I KNOW feels good, but I'm really glad I finally did this. My plan is to eat Paleo at home, but if I have company or go out to eat, to not worry about it. I actually don't have a bottle of fish sauce in the house right now so I can't name the brand, but any reputable brand will literally have three ingredients (fish, salt, and water). There's no reason to include anything else. As for the curry paste, I use Thai Kitchen's Red Curry. Ingredients: Red Chili, Garlic, Lemongrass, Galangal, Salt, Onion, Kaffir Lime, Coriander, Pepper It's the key ingredient in one of my "fast three" meals, which is a curry made with shrimp, sliced bell peppers, onion, coconut milk and curry paste. I simmer all that together and serve it on top of cauliflower rice. Sooooo good and comes together in 15 minutes!
  12. Mads

    June 1st Support Thread

    We keep curry paste in our fridge at all times and it has no sugar at all, nor have I ever seen a bottle of fish sauce with sugar in it. I just assumed that's how those ingredients are. And no, I'm not doing a Whole 60. I have a ton of family coming to town next week, including a 21-month-old, and I need to be able to be flexible. I'm trying not to worry too much about it. For me, the Whole 30 is way more about my attitudes and choices than anything else. At least my heart and mind were in the right place!
  13. Mads

    June 1st Support Thread

    I'm having a moment of slight panic! Husby and I decided to go out for lunch because there was nothing for him to eat in the house. We went out for Thai, and I ordered Massaman curry. It sounded like the perfect fit: chicken, curry, coconut milk, avocado and cashews, and some veggies. I looked it up before I ordered, and the recipe I found didn't include any sugar. But when I actually tasted the dish, it seemed awfully sweet to me. Because I didn't eat any rice, I wound up eating only a small amount of the sauce (I'd guess maybe a tablespoon's worth, just what clung to the chicken and veggies), but I'm worried I may have just ended up eating added sugar. For the love of everything, please tell me I don't have to start over. That would be sooooooooooooooo depressing.
  14. Mads

    June 1st Support Thread

    Beer? No. But maybe a dessert. I want to do reintroduction right this time, but I'll be damned if I forego a Hot Chocolatier pastry while my family is visiting. My main goal is to be able to really limit desserts. I got into a daily dessert habit before this W30 that was just not okay. I want to have dessert maybe once a week or so, but make it actually worthwhile. And actually, that's how I feel about all of the foods that I've learned to live without on this Whole 30. I don't want to eat Paleo pancakes a couple days per week, nor do I want to eat Yonanas "ice cream" every night. I want the real thing, on rare occasions, so that I savor what I'm eating and really appreciate it (without letting it wreak havoc on my gut and waistline). I am TERRIBLE at moderation (which is part of why Whole30 works for me!), but I want to change that! With just a week left, one thing I'm worrying about is that I won't see a difference on the scale. I did this to get my eating habits back to what they were pre-baby, but also to help jumpstart weight loss. I'm going to be really disappointed if that didn't change. Any advice from Mods/advanced members on how to get my brain in a better mindset before the final weigh-in?
  15. Mads

    June 1st Support Thread

    OOH I love the meatball idea! I can make a big batch of those this weekend (I have a million summer squash to make into noodles anyway) so that's a great idea. I'm not nursing any more, so that's not an issue. It MAY be sleep related. Baby is all better from her cold/ear infection, so she's sleeping great, but I think I still have a sleep debt to pay off. Good catch there. I know missing sleep makes me hungrier but somehow I didn't think of that lately.