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  1. This was certainly informative. Thank you so much! I was under the impression that when your body shifts from burning sugar to fat for energy, that the process itself was ketosis. Shows you how much I know... Beginning this journey is the best thing that I've done for myself. I knew that it would be tough as I am also dealing with some stressful situations on top of trying to eat properly, but I had to commit. I did speak to my doctor, and he actually suggested that I come off of some of my medications before beginning the Whole 30. So I've solely been testing after each meal, t
  2. Ok. So one thing that I am unclear about is ketones. I know that when you have high ketones that is good for weight loss, as it signals that your body is burning fat instead of sugar. But at the same time, isn't that dangerous for a diabetic and a signal of DKA? I don't have another doctor's appointment for a month and by then I will be done with this round of Whole 30, or I would just ask him.
  3. Good morning folks! I have a question for those that may have had high blood sugar when they began the Whole 30. I am on day 11 and have seen a drastic change from when I started to now when I took my sugars in the morning. Heck, 50 more points and it will be in the normal range, so color me impressed with this meal plan. My issue, and my doctor told me this would happen, is that as my sugars come down it's triggering the hunger reflex in the body. Despite having a small portion of healthy fat with each meal, I find that I feel like I am completely famished between meals. I haven't wo