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  1. Jessica - today I am on Day 29 and last week my seasonal allergies kicked into full swing (I live in Michigan), which resulted in turning into a horrible head and chest cold. I have also been having some digestion issues over the past couple weeks so I got a high-grade probiotic to start on. Not really the way I wanted to end my Whole 30 program so I feel your pain.
  2. FAB@50

    Failed Mayo 101

    Same thing happened to me in my two attempts... first time I couldn't find any "light" olive oil so I used regular EVOO and coarse sea salt.... turned out nice and thick but all I could taste was olive oil and LOTS of salt! I attempted it again last night with Sunflower oil and it turned out like soup I will only try one more time and then I'm done.
  3. I am on Day 15 and up until this week, I have felt fantastic but feel like I've hit a brick wall... bloating, gurgling stomach, sluggish.... I'm 100% positive that I didn't eat anything non-Whole30 compliant so not sure what is happening but it's strange and me no likey!
  4. This a.m. (day 5), I used a better quality coffee and emulsified some coconut oil into it and it was delish!!! Gives is such a silky flavor. Thanks for all of the tips!!!
  5. I'm on day 4... when you refer to coconut milk, are you talking about canned or the carton type?
  6. I am on day 4 of the Whole 30 and every morning I crave my coffee with powdered Coffee Mate, the way I used to have it every morning. I've been settling for black but boy do I miss my creamer!!! Any suggestions for a substitute? I tried the canned coconut milk and that wasn't for me.