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  1. cindytree

    Dr. Parsley's sleep remedy

    Dr. Parsley's sleep remedy is listed as a Whole30 partner. Has anyone tried this supplement and if so, does it really help with sleep? Thanks
  2. cindytree

    My Note to Self and Victories on Day 56

    Update for 2/8/16 Down a total of 33 pounds and 5" off my waist since August 2015, had lab work done in January and my triglycerides and A1c (diabetes marker) were both normal! That is a great victory. After 5 months of staying Whole30 compliant, I did test dairy (cheese and sour cream), wheat (bread), and corn (tortilla chips). I didn't feel well for a few days after each reintroduction so I'm back on Whole30 pretty much all the time knowing the consequence of having those foods will be an upset digestive system and headache.
  3. cindytree

    My Note to Self and Victories on Day 56

    Update: Four months on Whole30, and even stuck with it for Thanksgiving and all Christmas events so far! It wasn't as difficult as I thought thanks to my family being so supportive. Down 30 pounds, blood sugar still good, other NSV's still good. I see my naturopathic doctor next month and will have lab work done to see how cholesterol, etc. has improved since starting this. I expect good results.
  4. Update: Did a weigh in and was down 4 more pounds so apparently over the plateau. I'll see what happens in a month when I weigh again.
  5. GFChris, by mentioning my age I mean I am older and also post-menopausal which means it can be harder to lose weight than someone younger.
  6. I know weight loss is not supposed to be the main focus but the fact is, I am very overweight so it is something I need to work toward with or without Whole30. We're not talking a few pounds; I'm in the obese category. I'm about to turn 59 which probably means I have to work harder at it too. I've been on Whole30 for nearly 4 months now and have several NSV's which motivate me to continue, the main one being that I'm no longer pre-diabetic. I've lost 26 pounds since starting in August which is a wonderful result too. No complaints at all! I weighed today and haven't lost any more weight since I last weighed on Nov. 11. So my question is, is this normal? Is my body just adjusting and will start losing the fat again as I continue? I'm honestly not stressing over it but I was just surprised that I hadn't lost any more weight despite sticking to the program and considering how overweight I am, and considering the amount I had lost up to now. Thanks for any input.
  7. cindytree

    Giving up Coffee ???

    I only want my coffee creamy and sweet so I've given it up. I did try having some with plain unsweetened coconut milk after the first 30 days but ended up with indigestion so I just decided it wasn't worth it.
  8. cindytree

    Problem with prescription Vitamin D

    I'm also on two supplements based on lab results (including vitamin D for deficiency) prescribed by my doctor that have glycerin in the capsule but not as an added ingredient to the supplement itself. I don't consider it a Whole30 fail that I've taken them through the 105 days I've been on the plan because they are necessary. My results are good and my medical issues are being resolved. It would be more detrimental for me to not take the supplements than to ingest a tiny amount of glycerin. Purists may say I've not technically done a "real" Whole30 because of the glycerin but I really don't care. I've stuck to the plan in every other way and am doing well so for me, yes, I have been and continue to be compliant with Whole30.
  9. cindytree

    My Note to Self and Victories on Day 56

    Day 105 and doing ok. I even stayed compliant for Thanksgiving. 26 pounds lost, blood sugar in normal range. Still no "tiger blood" but I'll take the results I'm seeing so far.
  10. The NOW brand doesn't have soy or corn oil. Most gel caps have glycerin but that can't be helped for those of us who need certain supplements. My doctor has me on vit. D too after my lab work showed a deficiency and I haven't found one without glycerin. I wouldn't think you have to start over because of the supplements, but I'm not a Whole30 expert and hopefully one of the moderators will shed some light on this.
  11. cindytree

    My Note to Self and Victories on Day 56

    Two more confirmations: There's a little space between my tummy and the car steering wheel now. When I started, I didn't have to squeeze into the car and it wasn't a tight fit but I could still feel the steering wheel against my stomach as I was driving. I took my blood pressure last week and it was 127 over 75. When I started, it was typically in the 140's and 150's.
  12. This is what I wrote on my blog August 17, the day before I started my first Whole30. I needed a pep talk because I was having doubts: "This weekend you began planning your menu for when you officially start the Whole30 plan. You have plenty of food choices but those moments will come when every cell in your body will want pizza or some other food that isn't ok for you right now (and might not ever be again; best to own that truth right now). But, although you are fully committing to the 30-day plan, your real mindset needs to be that you only have to do it for one day. That's it. Don't worry about the next day or the next week. You can do anything for one day, right? Yes, I thought so. Don't succumb to what-if thinking: what if it doesn't work, what if you fail and everyone will know, what if it's too hard, what if you feel worse before you feel better, what if everyone thinks this is just another fad diet that is a bad idea, what if putting yourself out there with a blog makes you more vulnerable than you thought? Nope, don't go there. Understand that the WB's (wet blankets) will come - those who would rather give you all the reasons this won't work, or those who believe they know better what will work. They aren't the boss of you. You aren't doing this for them. And don't listen to anyone who tells you that pizza is not that bad and one slice isn't going to hurt anything. It will hurt you and you know you've never been able to stop at just one slice so best to just go cold turkey and give it up altogether for now along with sugar and other trigger foods. (Actually cold turkey is a good food for you, especially in a really big salad!) You can do this because you are awesome. You don't quite believe that yet but just keep repeating it and fake it to make it until it becomes your truth. Now quit crying and go make out your grocery list. Actually, before you do that go get on the exercise bike for 10 minutes. It will make you feel great! You don't quite believe that either but trust me, it will. Go you!" After I completed the 30 days I decided to keep going and am now on day 56. My two main concerns going into this at the recommendation of my doctor were weight and pre-diabetes (insulin resistance). I've lost 18 pounds since starting. Don't criticize me for pointing that out. I know Whole30 doesn't like the scale and weighing oneself, but the truth is, it is a confirmation for most members here along with all the non-scale victories. And when one is as overweight as I am (let's call it what it is: obese), it is important that weight loss be part of the journey to getting healthier because obesity contributes to so many of the other health issues. This goes beyond just changing body composition for those of us who are truly obese so let me have this. But in keeping with the Whole30 philosophy concerning the scale, I have definitely let go of the need to weigh every day like I used to and the scale no longer holds me hostage emotionally. Now it is just an occasional check-point (twice in the past 56 days). It isn't the most important number any more but it does help me stay motivated when I look at that alongside all the non-scale victories. But the number I'm most excited about is that my fasting glucose levels have consistently gone down and are starting to be in the normal range! Normal is below 100. It was 134 the day I started. Here's my reading this morning: My other non-scale victories include: 3" lost in my waist (important because it means unhealthy belly fat is going away) less joint pain most days no food cravings no emotional eating (I wasn't even trying to do this, it just happened) less depression about my health and body less hair loss and better hair in general (this is a new one that I realized this past week) a feeling of hope that if I stay the course, I will experience "tiger blood", something that has been elusive in my journey so far. acceptance of a "slow and steady wins the race" mindset instead of hoping for a fast-track miracle. I'm 58, insulin-resistant, post-menopausal, and fat and it literally took decades to get here so I know it will take time to turn things around and I accept that. I've commited to 100 days but the truth is, I'm just going to keep going, even through the holidays. I'm the menu-planner, grocery shopper, and chef for our family gatherings so I will get to make sure there are plenty of choices for me and since food is no longer the boss of me, I am confident I can do it even if I make some favorite dishes the rest of the family expects for a holiday meal.
  13. cindytree

    Hoped to Feel Better By Now (Day 42)

    Thank you for sharing, texasbred. That helps to know this will take time but is worth sticking with.
  14. cindytree

    Hoped to Feel Better By Now (Day 42)

    Thanks SpunkyBug. I do like soups, stews, and one dish meals so that's a great idea.
  15. cindytree

    Hoped to Feel Better By Now (Day 42)

    Carlaccini, thank you for the tip. I'll try it. I have seen enough positive changes to keep me going despite not feeling great and energized yet. They include 12.5 lbs. lost and 2.5 inches off my waist in the first 30 days, no more swelling in my feet and ankles at the end of the day, and less joint pain over all even though I still do have days when it flares up. And more importantly, my fasting blood sugar is almost normal, going from the 110's-120's when I began to the low 100's and 90's most days now (normal is below 100). Those are good results so I don't want to dwell on negatives, but despite those victories I thought I would feel better physically by now. But, I do understand that given my age and general health issues going into this that took decades to develop, it will likewise take time to reverse them. I appreciate the advice from you and ladyshanny and will implement those changes.