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  1. I've read a million topics on this but am still confused by my whole30 experience so far...the first two weeks I experienced none of the negative effects (no carb flu, no 'kill all the things') and felt incredibly lean, as if I could physically see chronic inflammation subsiding in my stomach, arms, and face. However, the past 10 days I have had awful on-and-off bloating and generally feel like I look exactly as I did on day 1. I'm discouraged, especially since I was so excited about my progress at the halfway point! I keep psyching myself out thinking I'm eating too much or just "doing it wrong". Would love any advice or encouragement--here's some background and food info: - I'm 5'9", ~150 lbs pre-W30 with a good amount of muscle, so I'm not expecting significant weight loss. - Currently training for a 1/2 marathon, running short to mid distance ~3x a week and doing HIIT/strength training ~2-3x a week. - I generally get 7-8 hours of sleep a night and energy levels are typically good. - Throughout my whole30 work has been much more stressful than usual due to upcoming deadlines for a big project I'm managing. I've noticed my stress response is much more pronounced than I'm used to (crying, shaking, splitting headaches etc), and I think this might be related to me not using food as comfort in difficult I guess it's a good thing? But still odd. Sample food logs: (I workout @ 6:30 am, breakfast directly after @ work -- I've tried preWO protein and can't stomach it) M1: slice of frittata with sweet potato, spinach, chicken sausage and ~2 eggs, 1/4 avocado, 1/2 cup blueberries, 1 cup coffee M2: 6-8 oz roast chicken, raw pecans and 1/4 sliced apple on mixed greens with balsamic dressing, rest of the apple with ~2 tbsp almond butter M3: zucchini noodles from 2 zucchinis, 1/2 almond meal crusted chicken breast, 2 fried eggs, all cooked in coconut oil M1: 2 hard boiled eggs, 1/2 roast chicken breast, 1 big sweet potato with 1 tbsp almond butter, 1 cup coffee M2: Curry chicken salad with homemade mayo + chopped mac nuts on mixed greens, apple with 2 tbsp almond butter M3: 4 egg omelet with 1/2 roast chicken breast, 1 cup broccoli, guacamole, salsa, and 1/2 cup plantain chips I know the daily apple and almond butter could be a red flag, but I had no issues with them during the first two weeks of whole30 and find that they completely eliminate my need to snack between 12pm lunch and a 7pm dinner, which is miraculous as I used to put away 1/2 a family sized bag of kettle corn, a few oreos, and handfuls of swedish fish around 3pm on most work days... Anything stand out that might be the culprit? Or is this inflamed, day-1 feeling just part of the process for some people? Thanks!
  2. Thanks, appreciate the feedback! Tom - It's totally possible that the bloat is really stress related, but it's a foreign concept to me since pre-whole30 I had always been bloated on a regular basis For postWO meals, I figured my breakfast would be sufficient since I'm typically done with my workout by 7:30 and in the office heating up my food by 8? Should I add a hard boiled egg directly after, or just increase the overall size of my breakfast instead? As for the food intake, I'm shocked to hear that I might not be eating enough...I've been feeling like I'm overeating past "comfortably full" pretty regularly, partly because I really want to avoid snacking. If anything I thought my meals were too big and protein heavy! Any advice for getting even more food in? GFChris - I'm hesitant to remove nuts altogether since they reliably keep me satisfied, and I don't eat them in a "snackable", food-with-no-brakes way...but I guess I may have an unhealthy relationship with them if I'm this nervous to give them up!! I can only stomach so much avocado before I feel ill, and I don't feel like I can get enough fat from eggs, meat, and coconut oil alone, but I'll give it a try! Ditto with the raw veggies, but I'm curious how bloat related to nuts or raw veggies could suddenly appear after 2 weeks with no problems? For water intake I usually get 60-75 oz, with ~15-20 of those coming from sparkling water...I know sparkling water can distend my stomach a bit, but I don't think it could contribute to my whole-body bloated feeling. I could probably drink more, though. And the plantain chips are baked in the oven...I don't feel totally in control with my portions on them though, so I should probably cut em out as well Might be tough figuring out how to increase my food intake while cutting out a few of my standbys!
  3. I'm headed up to the lake this weekend for a girls trip and am trying to figure out exactly what I need to bring for myself. We're all staying in a house with regular kitchen amenities, and have planned to buy groceries and mostly cook as a group. This should be easy in general, but I'd like to avoid making too many requests or cooking my own separate food...I'd rather blend in and not call attention to my weird diet (or the fact that I'm not drinking). I do have a big cooler bag to transport my own gear in if needed. Here's my current plan, I'd LOVE advice or any other ideas/past experiences! I'll be on days 12-14 during the trip. - Friday dinner: on the road, probably can't control where we're stopping. If we hit a Chipotle or in n' out I know what to order, but just in case I plan to pack a salad with chicken, pecans, and sliced apple. -Breakfasts: The current menu is cheesy eggs, fruit, bagels with cream cheese, pancakes . I'll see if I can commandeer the stove for cheese-free eggs, but am thinking of bringing hard boiled eggs and single-serving guac to eat with the fruit. - Lunch: Stressing me out...we'll be on a boat and hanging at the beach away from the house...maybe eating at a restaurant. Probably can't bring my big cooler but was thinking carrots/celery, plaintain chips and salsa to hold me over. I would try to stuff down a chicken breast before leaving if we can. - Saturday dinner: BBQ with noncompliant hot dogs, buns, etc. I know we'll have compliant chicken sausage, grilled asparagus, zucchini, and avocado, but I may try to make sweet potato wedges for the group so I can eat some starchy carbs too! After that it's going to be drinking games all night...I'm going to try to bring like 6 massive bottles of sparkling water for the weekend and just pour into a wine glass/solo cup to make things less obvious. I'm sure I'll get called out but I'll try to be cool about it - Sunday - same breakfast, and lunch on the road home. If we don't stop somewhere I can eat, I was thinking chicken breast+1/2 avocado+ banana as my emergency food. How does this look to you all? Any glaring gaps I missed, or things I could prepare for better? Any help is appreciated!
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    Lake house weekend advice?

    Thanks for the help! SugarcubeOD, you made some good points about making actual template meals...from a planning perspective I didn't anticipate needing much food but we all know the reality is much different, particularly when you're surrounded by really delicious noncompliant food. As for telling/not telling the other ladies about my diet...there are 8 others going, 4 of which I know well and would (hopefully!) be supportive. The other 4 girls I have either only briefly met or never met at all! I know it shouldn't *really* matter what anyone thinks of me, but I have a feeling it'll be hard to prevent them from thinking I'm crazy/no fun/putting a damper on their big weekend of drinking and eating. I was at a similar situation at a BBQ last week and tried to keep a low profile, but the bunless burger and failure to participate in drinking games definitely gave me away, and while I was out of the room my boyfriend told the group I was on a "30 day cleanse". Ugh!