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    Starting September 14th - Accountability

    So I'm the one that started this thread, and oddly enough I assumed I would get emails if people responded and when I never got any emails, I completely forgot about it. Then I checked today and saw an AMAZING thread had formed! I'm working on reading through everything now. Beginning of Day 18 and going strong. I'm not feeling drastically better, but I'm definitely not feeling bad. Things are just good, clear, and safe feeling if that makes sense. I've been majorly tempted and almost succumbed a few times, but I continue to push through. I still have cravings I'm not going to give in, but at THIS point I feel like abandoning the reintroduction process and I'm planning my meals for Day 31. I'm really hoping this feeling fades soon, because I don't want it to be like that. Anyone else still majorly missing old foods? (My biggest being CHEESE, also craving pizza) -Meg | Read my updates here ->
  2. Hi Friends! I am starting my very first Whole30 on September 14th. AH. That makes it official. Anyways, I had hoped to get my mom to participate, but shes worried she can't do it (and is doubting my ability to do it as well). My husband can't participate fully because of his work/school constraints and provided food, so this leaves me to do this alone. I would love to have some support and maybe even an accountability partner who could email/text throughout the duration? Be prepared for questions, venting, and encouragement (for me and from me!). Who else is starting Sept 14th? I'd love to hear from you! Meg Dean -