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  1. Kristina Wright

    When to reintroduce wine

    It depends on how you think alcohol might affect your food decisions. It's not on the "official" schedule but you can divide that up any way you like, for example, instead of reintroducing all dairy products, do just cheeses, or just unclarified butter and heavy cream. If you wanted to do the same with alcohol, you would reintroduce it alone, by itself, without any confounding factors like a gluten-containing dessert or a cheese plate. I personally did it without adding any additional non-compliant foods. I decided to have a nice Whole30 dinner and I had 2 glasses of white wine after. After that, assess your physical symptoms and your food cravings. I found that after having wine, it increased my cravings for a.) more wine and b.) other foods I typically associated with relaxing on the couch, so I went back to the program to try to get back on track with the not-eating-while-doing-other-things part. You might find something similar, or that when you drink you want to eat ALL THE THINGS, or maybe you enjoy it and that's it and you move on.
  2. Kristina Wright

    Eating too much?

    I hear you on food cravings. I have a fresh loaf of bread sitting on the counter right now that's there for my fiance and our housemate... I'm just throwing a dishtowel over it and pretending it's not there. I had to stand next to a cake and several different kinds of cookies almost all day at work today, too. I just kept my email inbox open to my Whole30 Daily email to remind myself that I'm on Day 9 and I am NOT going out like that.
  3. Kristina Wright

    Benefits already? Can someone confirm?

    I consider the rush of self-righteousness that comes from starting the Whole30 an immediate benefit. Seriously, though: I have already lost some of the bloat that has kept my pants from fitting properly. That's a definite benefit.
  4. Kristina Wright

    Doctor Frustrations and Whole30

    You would most likely have better luck with a DO because of the holistic approach to treatment. A DO is more likely to evaluate your personal context, although there are plenty of MDs out there who do so as well.
  5. Kristina Wright

    30 days complete but don't feel much different

    Honestly, get rid of your scale. It will do absolutely NOTHING for you except belittle your accomplishments. This last Whole30 (August, my third Whole30) I weighed myself too, and I gained 2 lb and then lost it again. I was SO UPSET because on my first Whole30 a couple of years ago I lost 12 lbs, and I was 100% positive that if I could just commit to another Whole30 I would magically be thin by my 25th birthday (I have disordered thinking about my body weight. I go through phases during which losing weight is all I care about and I obsess over it for DAYS at a time). Well, I'll turn 25 on Friday and I am still the same weight as I was before, during, and after that Whole30 and it has NOTHING to do with my diet. I've been in physical therapy for a hip problem, I've been getting my sleep on track (and thus not exercising for an hour first thing in the morning), I've had job training that kept me from going to my dance classes for two weeks, and I sprained my toe tripping over the dog three weeks ago and so I can't go walking every morning on concrete sidewalks. Clearly, my weight issue is a lifestyle one, not a diet one. But I did SO MUCH MORE during my Whole30! I learned that, after no less than 5 false starts, I CAN stick to a Whole30. My sugar cravings are gone again, and I've learned more about how food affects me. This also taught me that if I can stick to a Whole30, I can stick to studying for my MCAT. I can stick to an exercise schedule once my sleep is sorted out and my toe heals. More importantly, I've learned that my weight loss doesn't hinge on one piece of bread or one hard cider, and I don't have to feel guilty about eating a piece of birthday cake this week. The scale told me NONE of those things. Get rid of it. It has nothing constructive to say to you.
  6. Kristina Wright

    Half Way - Angry Belly

    I'm going to call out the broccoli, here. I've had the bloaty, grumbly, gassy tummy too, and in each of my Whole30s I'm pretty sure it's happened at a different time.
  7. A couple days ago I had a crazy craving for something sweet after dinner. Crazy craving. I have a sugar dragon BIG TIME and I hadn't truly been addressing it. Normally I eat fruit to stop its whining, but this night I decided to brew a cup of hot tea and wait it out. Hot herbal tea to stop a sugar craving is not a new trick. I've seen it on every diet I've ever been on: Clean Eating, Weight Watchers, Sparkpeople (where I discovered paleo and Whole30 through other members!) and it's been included as a Whole30 strategy for starving that sugar dragon and changing the dessert habit. I never really bought into it, for no real reason. I simply never tried it. Well, I tried it, and by Jove, it works. I've made a habit over the last few days to make a cup after lunch (green or black) and dinner (herbal) and it has made a world of difference. It's a great palate cleanse, and I feel so much more relaxed after my meals. I can't believe it took me this long to embrace such a rejuvenating practice. If you're still having trouble starving out the sugar dragon, give the good ol' tea trick a shot. Seriously. You will be so glad you did.
  8. Kristina Wright

    Help me break up with my scale

    Go on a purge. A household purge, not the other kind of purge. Go through the closets and pile up the clothes you want to toss or donate. Go through drawers and get rid of holey socks and shirts, unidentified pieces of random things, and take-out menus you'll never use (do NOT throw away user manuals. Ever. Big mistake, trust me). Go through your garage and get rid of things you swore you'd use and never did. Kitchen gadgets, ugly decor you got for Christmas, things that have simply outlived their usefulness.Toss. Donate. Repurpose. If you can't get someone to take it away within a day or two, throw it away. And when you get down to the trash pile, throw the scale in there and don't look back. Admittedly, the rest of the purging is there to distract you from the end goal of removing the scale from your house entirely, but you'll feel so accomplished you won't even feel bad about getting rid of that mean, nasty, numerically-abusive piece of plastic. And your house will be clean. 76 birds, one stone.
  9. Kristina Wright

    How can you keep W30 up with the cost??

    Same here. I'm positive that double and triple portions, an entire 2 Liter of "diet" soda and three candy bars a day has more to do with FIL's weight gain than my MIL's newfound cooking skills.
  10. Kristina Wright

    Nervous to cut the Whole30 cord

    If all you're planning on doing post-Whole30 is eating a little bit here and there, I'd just do that instead of gagging something down on principle. I skipped legume reintro altogether because the only legumes I miss eating are the lentils in my lentil soup, and I already know that I can eat one big bowl of it and that's it. If I eat another bowl the next day, I get nine-months-pregnant bloated and life sucks. If I eat bread with it, it sucks even more. If you're never going to eat more than a serving of while rice or a bowl of popcorn at a time, why bother? And if you have a day when you DO eat non-gluten grains at every meal, well, you'll learn all about it then.
  11. Kristina Wright

    Nervous to cut the Whole30 cord

    Don't be scared! If something bites back you already know what to do to get back to feeling good. I JUST did it myself (5 day binge on crap food after a pasta dinner to see how gluten might be affecting me) and I'm now 2 days back on the straight and narrow. I feel much better, and I've learned that if I'm going to stay on track post Whole30, I need to maintain my prep habits and always have easy-to-fix meals on hand so I won't be tempted to just give in and eat things that are easily accessible but don't help me. I'm going to give it a week to clear my system and then try dairy. Hopefully, with this knowledge, I'll be able to enjoy a treat down the road without falling facefirst into a box of cereal I don't even like just because it's there.
  12. Kristina Wright

    Meals - how big is "big"?

    Mini meals are awesome if you're a late dinner person. I used to pack large snacks for myself to take to school when I was doing my Master's since I'd usually eat lunch right when I arrived at 12:30, and by the time class let out at 5 I was ready to eat my own arm. I'd eat my snackmeal (not really a snack, not really a meal) before I started the drive home, and since it was a 35 minute drive it was nice and digested enough to get a workout in before assuming my position at the stove to cook dinner.
  13. Kristina Wright

    drank.Emergenc supplement :(

    I know this is an old post, but I happened back on it because I've been feeling less than stellar lately, and I had to add something: I had a classmate in my MS program who was a personal trainer and she always said, "trust the process." She recommended the usual 5-meal-a-day, fairly low-fat bikini/bodybuilder type diet (she was a bikini competitor, after all... and still has my copy of ISWF, as a matter of fact...) but her words resonated anyway. She got a group of us started with fasted cardio on the daily, a gym plan, and a meal plan (I was attempting to get a Whole30 off the ground, so I ignored her meal plan) and her rule was to measure and weigh-in one time, then NO SCALE for THREE MONTHS. Toss the scale, and TRUST THE PROCESS. I'm having to pep-talk myself these last few days, and I think I should share it with others: It's WAY too easy to get hung up on the scale or the tape measure or the pants... and if we're ever going to really embrace health, we HAVE to trust in the process.
  14. Kristina Wright

    How can you keep W30 up with the cost??

    Well, I have nothing for an attitude problem. My MIL stays home and she does all the cooking, but FIL does the grocery shopping, buys whatever looks good instead of what's on sale, and then complains about the budget. Then, MIL makes suggestions for lowering the bill, and her housewife status gets thrown in her face. Stupid, really. What's sad is that I could easily feed 6 people (if you count the menfolk as 2 apiece) totally paleo with their grocery budget, and they say they can't afford to eat fresh produce and such because it's too expensive. I call BS. I guess the answer is to make potatoes 100 ways. I will ask this: have you tried roasting your vegetables? Wash, dry, and cut up, toss with fat and season with S&P, and 45 minutes at 375 usually gets it done, but I put them in the oven anywhere between 350 and 450 with anything else I'm cooking and just time accordingly. I've done brussels sprouts (quartered), broccoli (1" pieces), cauliflower, green beans, and asparagus (only 15 minutes!) that way and fights have broken out in my house over who gets the last of them. I've converted more than a few die-hard, vegetable-hating men (why men?) with roasted vegetables. My fiance hated vegetables when I started cooking for him however many years ago (MIL only made canned for his entire childhood) and the first ones I fed him were roasted brussels sprouts. Shortly thereafter I did sauteed spinach with garlic, mushrooms, and lemon, and that sold him on cooked spinach and mushrooms, which were his #1 and #2 most-hated. I got him onto fresh raw veggies several years ago by making vegetable platters, fruit salads, and nut mixes for our just-turned-21 parties (I figured if you're going to drink excessively, you might as well put something healthy in your stomach while you're at it) and no matter how many of our friends insisted at the start of the night that they were going to order pizza or taco bell, the vegetables and fruit always disappeared first. He'll eat everything but salad now. I still can't turn him onto raw spinach or leafy salads, and he dislikes "leaves" in soup (also, "there's not enough MEAT in here," and he doesn't process that there's a difference between soup and stew), but I'm working on it.
  15. Kristina Wright

    What's the root of my poor choices post whole30?

    I'm feeling the same way right now. All I want is to be able to enjoy a non-paleo meal fully and completely, without guilt or spiraling out of control and diving headfirst into crap foods just because they're old habits and they're easy. Yesterday I was five days into a total binge after having pasta and bread to test the gluten (I did it first because I didn't know any better). One dinner turned into more bread the next day, a PB&J sandwich the next, and the next... My bread dragon is evidently the bigger, meaner, more persistent cousin of my sugar dragon, and he's armed with much better sounding arguments. And those bread and sugar dragons are reaaally persuasive when you don't have a 100% paleo household and those crap foods--which so far almost everyone has admitted they don't even like--are easily accessed. That's my house in a nutshell. I halted the binge yesterday when I had a big spoonful of frosted flakes in my mouth. I don't even like frosted flakes, and I wasn't enjoying the flavor of the cereal and my only feeling was guilt. I spat it out, dumped the rest, washed my mouth out, and made a big, hot cup of tea. Then I opened up these forums, opened up my daily food journal (I write down my food, my workouts, how I feel, how I slept (sometimes) and my symptoms/pain), and reflected. I still can't come up with ANY reason why this happens. It's like I get stuck on autopilot. I want there to be a day when I can have a nice meal with a delicious hunk of perfect, bakery-fresh bread slathered in butter... and then eat normally (I'd like mostly-Whole30 to be my "normal") the rest of the day and the next day without feeling like I failed, like a particular food is something I deserve or don't deserve, or like I have to "make up" for eating something that's less healthy. I have looked over the Whole9 off-roading flow chart a dozen times and I love it, I want to be able to decide for myself "fine, eat it, but suffer the consequences" ONE TIME without it turning into a crap food fest that's then wrought with guilt until the next "Well, a sandwich is faster than putting a salad together, and I'm getting tired of canned fish..." I am climbing out of the rabbit hole by taking it one meal at a time. I had a banana and a quick salmon salad with homemade mayo mixed up with leftover frozen spinach for breakfast. I didn't want to waste my efforts by not having my next meal be healthy, so I had a great leafy salad with oil-packed tuna, some halved grapes, and capers dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. Since I slide back into old habits relatively quickly when I don't have something easy to make, I'm going to need to start doing the same just-in-case preparation that I did when I was on the Whole30. That way, there's no excuse to dip into crap food on an every day basis and I can limit myself to actual indulgences, not just "I'm lazy, break out the peanut butter."