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    The crazy things people say

    I've had all the usual comments. You're insane. You're crazy. ANOTHER diet? (I had a period of my life when I went on diet after diet, sang the praises of each one, and got sicker with each consecutive one) Blah blah blah BREAD blah blah blah (which I actually get, because I am a sucker for a big hunk of fresh-from-the-bakery bread slathered in butter) Blah blah blah PASTA blah blah blah (which I don't get, because pasta is just a vehicle for sauces and you can put those sauces on vegetables) When can you eat normally again? This is normal. You're the one eating marketing experiments. Every conceivable offer of soy-based products, fat-free condiments, artificial sweeteners, and/or dry toast and English muffins because I'm eating healthy. The funniest ones come from my mom, who has become an admirable label-checker. It's really the look of incredulity that makes it funny, but she'll look up something online, come in from her office and in the most disgusted and shocked tone say, "You will not BELIEVE the number of foods with X in them! It's what they use to make yoga mats and flip flops and it's in all these different foods! I can't believe that we were so stupid as a society to let the FDA approve all this **** in our food without even batting an eye." Or, "These ingredients are BANNED in other countries. BANNED, and the FDA lets companies put it in food. No wonder we're all sick and fat." That about sums it up, yeah.