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  1. Kristina Wright

    When to reintroduce wine

    It depends on how you think alcohol might affect your food decisions. It's not on the "official" schedule but you can divide that up any way you like, for example, instead of reintroducing all dairy products, do just cheeses, or just unclarified butter and heavy cream. If you wanted to do the same with alcohol, you would reintroduce it alone, by itself, without any confounding factors like a gluten-containing dessert or a cheese plate. I personally did it without adding any additional non-compliant foods. I decided to have a nice Whole30 dinner and I had 2 glasses of white wine after. After that, assess your physical symptoms and your food cravings. I found that after having wine, it increased my cravings for a.) more wine and b.) other foods I typically associated with relaxing on the couch, so I went back to the program to try to get back on track with the not-eating-while-doing-other-things part. You might find something similar, or that when you drink you want to eat ALL THE THINGS, or maybe you enjoy it and that's it and you move on.
  2. Kristina Wright

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    When they bake actual banana bread with white flour and sugar (because all that fancy nut flour is expensive, dangit) because there is an entire bunch of overripe bananas in the kitchen, it's great-grandma's handwritten recipe with only one substitution (real butter for the shortening, no shortening in this house ever) and everyone in the house LOVES IT... ...and they don't even want any because frankly, the pork chops simmering in the slow cooker with onions, apples, and thyme are going to taste SOOO GOOOD when they get home from ballet class. Additionally, they have used banana bread as a bribe to get someone else to make the roasted green beans for the side dish
  3. Kristina Wright

    You know someone is doing a Whole30 when...

    Seriously the best part of paleo.
  4. Kristina Wright

    The crazy things people say

    I've had all the usual comments. You're insane. You're crazy. ANOTHER diet? (I had a period of my life when I went on diet after diet, sang the praises of each one, and got sicker with each consecutive one) Blah blah blah BREAD blah blah blah (which I actually get, because I am a sucker for a big hunk of fresh-from-the-bakery bread slathered in butter) Blah blah blah PASTA blah blah blah (which I don't get, because pasta is just a vehicle for sauces and you can put those sauces on vegetables) When can you eat normally again? This is normal. You're the one eating marketing experiments. Every conceivable offer of soy-based products, fat-free condiments, artificial sweeteners, and/or dry toast and English muffins because I'm eating healthy. The funniest ones come from my mom, who has become an admirable label-checker. It's really the look of incredulity that makes it funny, but she'll look up something online, come in from her office and in the most disgusted and shocked tone say, "You will not BELIEVE the number of foods with X in them! It's what they use to make yoga mats and flip flops and it's in all these different foods! I can't believe that we were so stupid as a society to let the FDA approve all this **** in our food without even batting an eye." Or, "These ingredients are BANNED in other countries. BANNED, and the FDA lets companies put it in food. No wonder we're all sick and fat." That about sums it up, yeah.