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  1. Really appreciating this topic and the responses. Thanks! I've been totally confused during my re-intro. Went through my first Whole30 in October and felt a number of the benefits, but not all. Really enjoyed practicing eating whole and delicious meals instead of protein bars or the like. Lost 7 pounds or so and down a belt size. Complexion cleared up and I felt some clarity mentally and energetically. BUT it turns out that sleep apnea and bad sleep habits are a much bigger problem than I'd realized-- I cut out all caffeine except for two cups of half-caf coffee at 6am, and I still had a dickens of a time sleeping. So now reintro: I've done legumes and non-gluten grains; I don't feel any major digestive issues with either (repeated legumes to make sure). But then, like today, I'm wiped-out tired and my hip is hurting again... it could be the grains yesterday, or it could be because I got like 3.5 hours of sleep on Thursday night and my hip has just a chronic issue due to long-term poor walking habits. I hate the idea of repeating each phase of reintro twice to check all this, and the symptoms seem like they could come from any number of causes. Is it safe to say that non-gluten grains probably don't cause joint stiffness (most people report that with gluten), etc? Argh! Okay, I'm still working through a nasty dragonish sugar addiction, but I think that's just the grumpy thing... (Sigh, apologizing to my kids a lot.) I have not had any sugar since September except for 6g of added sugar in some cereal I ate yesterday-- but that was it. Didn't think that would be enough to knock me so screwy. Sorry for the rambling. SO puzzled by all this!