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    Tigers and Turtles - 2016

    hello to all turtles and tigers! still going w/ the whole 30-now a whole 40 and counting. hoping that time will be the answer to my body recalibrating. also realizing that I still occasionally eat when not hungry. I need to ask myself the steamed fish/broccoli question more often. (btw, have any of you discovered sablefish/black cod? just prepared it and it was wonderful. more omega 3s than most salmon and very forgiving as far as done/overdone/underdone) another NSV I just thought of: I haven't had a diet coke or any artificial sweetener at all in WEEKS. I just LOVED diet coke despite knowing it was evil incarnate. yet here I am-I haven't had one since December. also: when I feel myself starting to go off track and binge, I've decided to binge on compliant food. I know I shouldn't but figure it's better than a little bit of sugar/gluten/etc. at least that's my rationale...perhaps that's at the root of my lack of weight loss!