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    Grocery shopping while doing this has been shocking and depressing. I just can't believe that I can walk into this huge building with aisle upon aisle of shelves higher than my head filled with "food," and other than the produce section, almost none of it is nourishing. We have an entire aisle of chips. Another entire aisle of breakfast cereals. An aisle of carbonated beverages. It gets disgusting after a while! In particular, learning just how many foods contain sugar has been enlightening. This will definitely lead to permanent lifestyle changes for me and my family.
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    This is a great insight. Now I know why all my other attempts at self-improvement failed. I'd decide I was going to eat better, eat less, drink more water, exercise, spend less time on my phone, get up earlier, read more, on and on! This time I picked just Whole30 and I've had an intense focus on just that and it's working.
  3. Leeleego

    Day 1 tomorow

    Good luck!
  4. Leeleego

    Starting 1/4/16

    My experience has been very similar to yours! I, too, felt very ready (if nervous/scared) by the time I started because I felt that somehow I had really mentally committed to this and, six days in, my commitment has not yet wavered. That's pretty much a miracle for me as I've been the queen of starting and stopping various diets in the past few years, but this time is different for some reason. I also found the transition to coffee with coconut milk surprisingly easy, but am happy that I only seem to want one cup in the morning now because it isn't quite tasty enough to want more in the afternoon. I had headaches/tiredness days 2-3, but now I feel pretty good. Today I went snowshoeing for two hours and I was so excited because I actually wanted to go do it, and totally enjoyed it. An NSV for sure as I've been a slug for ages. I've been so tired for so long that having the desire to go do something was really nice. One thing that I feel has helped me so far is not getting too complicated right off the bat. The first few days I just ate plain meat, veggies, nuts, fruit. No sauces or anything. Now that the food is getting a bit monotonous I can start to explore some more interesting recipes/ ingredients (haven't tried ghee yet!) and that will hopefully keep my interest going for the rest of the 30 days. Initially, I felt that if I created an elaborate menu plan for three gourmet meals a day, I'd just overwhelm myself and give up, and I'm happy I went that route as I now know that the program can be really simple and do-able, but I'm looking forward to experimenting with some fun meals, too. My Whole30 book just came in the mail yesterday! One other NSV: I cooked dinner last night. Our family has had take-out every Friday evening for about... ten years. Last night I made bolognese with spaghetti squash and salad for me, linguine for the kids. They all had ice cream for dessert and I had chia seeds. Lol!
  5. Leeleego

    Starting 1/4/16

    Day 3. Not very fun. Headache all day, stuck to my goals but the food did not seem very enjoyable and then I was so sooooo tired this evening. This seemed fitting:
  6. Leeleego

    Starting 1/4/16

    Thank you! I am excited : ) Thanks for the support.
  7. Leeleego

    Starting 1/4/16

    Two days done, woo hoo! So far I feel great. I'm sure the hard part will come later, but I ate so badly before that right now I think my body is just thanking me for feeding it regularly and healthfully. Today I noticed that I just felt very calm and even-keel all day, which was a nice surprise. I used to have a horrible habit (see what I did there? That was the old me. Of, like, 48 hours ago) of drinking coffee all day and not eating at all until after work. I'd make lovely breakfasts and packed lunches for my kids but sit and watch them eat, then rush out the door without so much as an apple in my bag! By the end of the day I'd be so fatigued and famished that I'd eat whatever looked like the most calories I could get in the least amount of time, sometimes hitting the drive through or the 7-11 on the way home. Then after that, I'd start cooking a healthy dinner for my family. Argh! It sounds so ridiculous typing it out, but it just seemed to happen. Every day. Anyway, I'm used to three hunger settings: not thinking about hunger, ravenous, or stuffed. Today I noticed I felt these weird new feelings: sort of happily satisfied and then a very slow build that took about five hours to be pleasantly hungry again (like, hungry, but sort of thinking, "how nice that eating time is approaching again!"). These bizarre and unfamiliar feelings are probably just how humans are supposed to feel I guess...
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    Hi there. I’m a 38-year-old married Canadian mother of two nine-year-old twins, trying this for the first time, starting Jan 4. Posting here, nervously, to commit and hold myself accountable. Formerly fit, slim, and over past ten years have slowly gained 15-20 pounds with poor eating habits, sporadic exercise, pretty sedentary lifestyle. No major health issues, thankfully, but just a creeping deterioration in how I feel overall and a seeming myriad of minor complaints that I worry signal worsening health. I’m basically starting to stare down 40 and really not liking what I see in that future mirror. Not just how that person looks, but who that person IS. Obviously I’d love to feel better and lose weight by the end, but I have a bigger goal: just to actually complete the challenge. The “this is not hard” pep talk resonated, and I understand, yet at the same time I feel, “but… this IS hard, for me.” Indeed, at this point, it seems so hard as to be completely impossible. And saying that makes me feel really wussy, and self-indulgent, and disappointed in myself. That’s my greatest fear, here at day -2. I’ll fail, again, like I do at every goal I ever set… I’ll give up… I’ll let myself down again. The truth is, I don’t even believe I can do this. And somehow in my mind, it’s like, if I could do this, this one thing, this thing which maybe isn’t even hard for most people but is really really hard for me, then I’d know I can actually do things I want to do. For the first time in a really long time. If I could do this I think maybe I could do anything. Be anything. Change everything. So all I ask is total psychological transformation. Can you do that for me, Whole30? ; )