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    Reintroduction to protein powders... HELP!

    hey guys...this is a near/dear subject for me. I am about a week from day 30 and while I am feeling some of the benefits of the regular whole-food meals, I fully intend to explore protein supplementation in the near future. I was fascinated by Dallas's article on "Clean Mass Gain" but am challenged by the specter of near constant eating to add protein that will build muscle mass after regular/intense weight training. I have located a plain, unsweetened egg white powder at our local Natural Grocers....what are your thoughts? I am worried about too much non-muscle weight gain if I indiscriminately pound the meat/potatoes&squash/vegetables. Yes, I love to eat....and I love eating all the compliant foods...but in terms of convenience is the egg white white powder too far out there? Convenience is huge...I operate two businesses around a full time job and all this cooking time can wear me down