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  1. I know the topic is "sourcing good food "and for me "good" food means compliant plus affordable. today I found prosciutto at Aldi Appleton Farm brand. 3 ounces for $2.99 and the ingredients are pork and salt. I also found chorizo mild or hot 12 ounces Pueblo Lindo brand for $1.99 each. the ingredients are pork, water, Chili Peppers, less than 2% of salt, flavorings, paprika, vinegar, spice extracts (including paprika and annatto) and sodium nitrite.
  2. HelenLA

    Looking for compliant deli turkey and bacon

    I don't know where you live but I have found compliant bacon at Kroger and Walmart. they were even the store brands of bacon. Both of them were the low sodium bacon and when I read the ingredients they didn't have any sugar added. That's always the ingredient that causes problems with bacon. I have not looked for compliant turkey but Costco sounds like a good option.
  3. I guess I should also have included a question about drinking large quantities of water immediately before I eat as well. would this interfere with food digestion?
  4. I have already read that I should be sipping beverages during my meals so as not to interfere with proper digestion, especially since I don't have a gallbladder. my question is how long should I wait after a meal to really start drinking a lot of water? if I wait very long sometimes I forget to start drinking at all and I'm trying to work on drinking more water. water has always been my drink of choice but I need to drink more of it. any help is appreciated thank you.