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  1. HI Nissa Sounds like your day is as full as mine, i don't mind busy and a bit of madness once i can see some light at the end of it. yeah i find food boredom is a thing with the whole 30 especially when its week 3/4. i do like to unwind with a glass of wine, love reds never took to white but i find it doesn't love me back. My wife still enjoys a glass of white, but i'm not to phased as i usually train early most weekends so don't engage, so I've got used to it. I'm starting to see little differences, clothes looser, skin clearer, concentration is much better, sleep , all the goo
  2. so Monday, day 15 , half way there. i was home for whole days last weekend found not snacking hard , but yesterday was the hardest since i started, went to the local garden centre to break the monotony of the day, lots of cakes , not too bothered, but i honed in on a 3 cheese scone , wow i just wanted it. had a chat with myself and got over it. hows everyone doing hopefully on still on track
  3. Hi All/Nissa. Having issues with my phone . So it's not posting messages. Day 11 over 1/3 the way through. Into double digits. Lunch was a bit all over the place the last few days , but it was worth it as we had loads of family time. I'm at home painting and decorating so meals will be back on track. I agree going out and family occasions are hard because you feel like yr having to explain yourself without preaching. Ah. Well. No fresh here so I'm off to paint . Best of luck today. Settyfitness. I wouldn't (my opinion) over Christmas. Too m
  4. HI Anissa I thought I posted a reply earlier obviously didn't hit send. Hope yr daughter recovers quickly. Holiday weekend here so whoo hoo. I have made chicken broth & Whole 30 compliant mayo. So that helps with meals. I doing this whole with one of my Tri pals so theres alot of dinner photos going back and forward on WhatsApp. I had to collect my marathon pack at the expo to give to someone elseand than I went out and supported. I must like punishing myself. Ran 3.5 x 3 times this week with no effects so slowly slowly catchy monkey. Is the method I'm applying. If
  5. Hi Cathy Great to have yo on board.i find the sugar cravings go after a week. I go hardcore and try blank it. I do find some foods give a sugar like taste. But that could be my brain. I find my taste buds turn to a savoury direction through the fact they have no choice. Well done Mark
  6. Who hoo no Headache, its finally working the bad stuff is leaving. i m with ye , for a fleeting moment a glass of wine was calling last night , but lasted fifteen minutes as the kids Halloween costumes needed an overhaul. The diet part is a little funny, i find with the whole 30 you put manners on yourself, and say no to the easy things(junk) for long time, but over time i start adding the bad stuff until it becomes normal. i also train quite a bit , run around after 3 kids and work in the middle of the city centre, all of which make the bad choices easy. Im good with breakfast
  7. HI Niss6575 looks like its us 2 on this thread, is there anybody out there. On day 4 , so no headache last night , so it decided to move to this morning instead. also noticed i a bit moody, intolerant today, so stay away the fuse is short. Food going well i have a routine going, just trying to mix it up. I was meant to do the Dublin Marathon the weekend, but have a calf injury which wont budge so spectating will be my only participation this weekend. Triathlon is my addiction, took it up 4/5 years ago and love it, it has everything, fun, challenge, social , and looneys who
  8. I had no worries at all, they had olives, pine nuts fats sorted,Rockett and tomatoes veg, chicken and a variety of cold meats. As they also gave out pack lunches i had the salad bar to myself, i even went for 2nds. I have got a headache 2 nights running, drank lots of water and it eventually went, but starting to feel the morning energy burst, also sleeping alot better. getting into the groove now,but i know theirs a kick coming when i least expect it. keep it going , you know it will be worth it.
  9. Got through yesterday with not too many Hiccups, left it too long between Lunch and dinner, a it of a Head ache going to bed, all clear this morning, 3 egg Omelette, with mushrooms,Tomatoes and Olives on the side. Had a green tea, so going for the black coffee now. The Lads have just mailed me to go for a blowout on sat the 9th, you don't hear from them in an age. The will power will be tested that day. Also have to go out of office today to do a promotion with dinner included in a work canteen, that should be interesting, hopefully its a fancy joint with good food......
  10. started today, being a long time since i tried, so lets see where this goes, 2nd meal in and feel good, just over lunch , but the dreaded evenings and weekends are the real testers. also struggling to make breakfast interesting. good luck anyone starting.