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  1. Alcohol Dependence

    Hi Brewer5, thank you so much for responding! I am happy to be here I know each person's struggle is different and detaching our emotional connection to the substances we used to hold dear is easier said than done, so it is encouraging to read how people have grown beyond the control sugar and alcohol have had on us since birth (in many cases). What is crazy about my self is that I am actually a trained chiropractor (not currently practicing) and studied medical sciences in including nutrition and natural remedies for many years and I know intellectually what to do to be healthy. I just needed a wakeup call to practice what I preach. I never had weight issues in my life until the last 3 years, and that is honestly what prompted me to do this. But the fact that it is allowing me to really look at my relationship with alcohol on top of food is a major plus. I too am an ex-smoker (4 years now) so congrats!!! That is a tough one to kick!! Links would be appreciated and I am still getting used to the forum setup/format (I searched on my iPhone in mobile mode so I wonder if that is why I could not find any posts). Still, maybe others will join in on the discussion and we can hang out without the need for drinks
  2. I searched the forums for any topics related to alcohol dependence and I could not find any, so I started this one. I am on my first Whole30 and currently it is Day 6. That means I have been sober for 6 days as well as complying to all of the other guidelines in the Whole30. I have not been sober for this long in over a year or more I would say, so I am already seeing the relationship all sugar has to my dependence on alcohol. I debated starting this topic as it is very personal and I am a proud person, but if there are other people who have struggled with alcohol as a "medication" then we can support each other through this journey to change our lives. I have been wanting to stop using booze as a go to source for comfort for about 6 months as I have depended on it for well over 10 years. Luckily, I am not a "drunk" anymore (thanks to the amazing love and support of my spouse), but I still would grab a six pack on the way home from work. I did start to slowly drink less and I do not have the horrible withdrawals that come from true alcohol withdrawal (been there, done that). My goal for this challenge is to realize that when I am craving alcohol it is only the Sugar Dragon flaring its nasty head. I have a great life and I have come a long, long way from where I was 7 years ago. I know how to say no and when to quit, but that urge to drink still exists in me. But already I notice that without sugar in my coffee, sugar in forms of bread and other things, that I don't have the strong cravings I used to and that is amazing to me. if anyone else has issues with alcohol, I would love to hear your stories and also we can support each other throughout this. It is only the beginning to true freedom. Not only from food, but from the temptations prevalent in our culture to alcohol. Tomorrow is the Super Bowl and it will be the first Super Bowl I can remember where I will not be drinking. Cheers to Freedom!
  3. No more migraines! + Slaying the sugar dragon

    Hello ! I am on my first Whole30 and just finished day 5. One of my major hopes as well is to decrease the frequency and intensity of migraines. I get one a month so if I don't get one while on this whole30 I am going to shout from the rooftops how great this all is!! I have tried the "what triggers migraines" in the past but never before have I done elimination to this measure. I started whole30 for many other reasons too, but if I can mitigate migraines that's huge ! Good luck and I will check in on progress as migraine support groups are good
  4. Anyone else starting February 11?

    Hi there ! Did you join the February forum yet? Lots of buddies in there. I just finished day 5 and I love it !!
  5. Starting February 1st!

    Sorry for the late reply. Thanks for the information!! I'm loving the whole30'(just finished day 5) and look forward to learning more from you all
  6. Starting February 1st!

    Ok, so I see a lot of coconut stuff in whole30. Problem is that I detest coconut!!! I can handle a little coconut oil if I spice up my food and for some reason, I do love curries (again, i think it is more about the spices). I love to cook and even before I began whole30 I have been incorporating a lot of the cooking techniques. I made a stir fry last night but found myself scratching my head on how to replace the soy sauce. I just added more spices, but there is something about adding the liquid. I have read on this forum and online about coconut aminos, but does it TASTE like coconut, even just a little bit???? thanks in advance!!
  7. Starting February 1st!

    Started my first Whole30 today as well!!! WE CAN DO THIS!! I have been in a funk the last year and just have had no motivation to make the changes I know I need to make in order to live a long and happy life. I have no excuses either; I have degrees in health and I work in healthcare. I have had a hard time adjusting to some new moves in my life and I realize now that I have been dealing with the issues with food and beer (I love craft beer). When I was in my 20s and even early 30s, I had no weight issues at all. I will be 38 in March and I am the heaviest I have ever been. I do NOT want to enter my 40s unhealthy, unmotivated, and out of shape. I know what I SHOULD be doing, I just did not have the drive to make it happen. I've never even done a "diet" before. But that is why Whole30 intrigued me. It is nutrionally and scientifually sound and it presents a challenge in an experimental way. I am entering this Whole30 looking at it like a challenge and my own experiment to re-discover the body I have unfortuntaely forgotten the past several years. Very excited about this new journey and cannot wait to hear how everyone is successful. More importantly, I am excited about life after this Whole30 and what it will bring. Here's to February!!! -Meegs