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  1. Ripcord_Jennie

    breakfast foods?

    I know that Whole30 doesn't advocate putting fruit at the center of breakfast, but adding a banana with almond butter just *once a week* has really been helpful/ refreshing to me. I'm ready to go back to eggs and veggies the next day!
  2. Ripcord_Jennie

    Fish on a almost daily base

    There is a mercury concern related to eating lots and lots of fish, but really, it's only a major concern for pregnant women (and women trying to get pregnant within the year), nursing women, and small children. If you're not one of those but still concerned, just know that the bigger the fish, the higher the mercury content (they live longer and so have more time to build up naturally-occurring mercury). So, tuna, swordfish, shark, marlin, and sea bass are some you might try to limit, and you might try adding more sardines, scallops, shrimp, catfish, tilapia, and haddock (for example).
  3. Ripcord_Jennie

    Pre/Post Workout Foods

    Post work-out last night for me was one granny smith apple, cut into wedges and wrapped with (nitrate-free, organic, etc.) roasted turkey slices. It was a great combination of fruit sugar (to get me back to up non-dizzy/ bonked) and satisfying protein.
  4. Ripcord_Jennie

    Hydration during training?

    Hey all! I play a pretty intense contact sport, and we practice for 3 hours at a time. Because we're training at a moderate-to-high level pretty consistently for those three hours (and don't have time to stop for snacks), I usually bring some version of a sports drink. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions for hydration to get me through those three hours? Water alone is not enough-- I've tried it and it's Dizzy-City. I believe I can have coconut water, which I'll do if it's my only option, but honestly, I am not a fan of coconut in general and wouldn't mind having less of it in my day. Thanks!
  5. Ripcord_Jennie

    First Whole30 (day two!), first MEAT in 16 years...!

    http://www.marksdail...g-meat-ethical/ I love this article! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing this. I'm going to use this at work, too, as I think these are important questions related to the totality of our diets (including asking ourselves if the way we raise/ eat vegetables meets the ethical standards we seem more comfortable holding animals/ meat to). Thanks again!
  6. Hey all, I'm only on day four of my first Whole30 (and also on day four of eating meat for the first time in 16 years), and while I haven't cased every store and haven't had a chance to get to the farmer's market (it's on Saturday!), I have had a really hard time finding bacon that doesn't have added sugar, either as raw sugar, cane juice, or turbinado sugar. I'm having NO trouble finding nitrate-free, hormone free bacon. Seems like bacon factors into a lot of Whole30 recipes, so I'm wondering if people have a brand (and where to find it) that they like? Or just stick to farmer's markets? Or do they need to use sugar to cure it, too (I don't know meat-talk)? I want bacon. Tips welcome!
  7. Ripcord_Jennie

    First Whole30 (day two!), first MEAT in 16 years...!

    Thanks, everyone! These are all really helpful. I work in community health promotion, and much of my work centers around food systems (I also sit on the executive board of the Eat Local Foods Coalition in Maine). I'm noting this only because I want to stress that I feel well informed and care deeply about about the many aspects of eating animals-- including ethics, health, economic and environmental impact, etc.-- and I want to say that I have been incredibly impressed by the Whole9 community when it comes to meat and eggs. I work with some farmers and some farmer's markets up here, and I'm really looking forward to expanding my purchasing with them! I met a hunter the other night (I tried venison for the first time in my life!), and we struck up a little agreement, as well. I'm still easing in, but feeling good about my plans for doing this. I'd kind of like to hunt or raise animals someday, but I'm taking baby steps for now. I just wanted to say one thing about my use of the word "animals" instead of "meat"-- it's absolutely not that I think anyone is excited about killing/ eating animals (at least, not without gratitude/ thoughtfulness-- I think it's great to be appreciative of being an omnivore!)-- it's just that, for me, it's a way of being thoughtful about what I'm eating. It can sometimes feel like substituting "cow" with "beef," or "pig" with "pork" is just a step or two removed from disguising our food in pretty plastic packaging. If I can sit down to a meal every time and really acknowledge where my food came from, I feel better (which, I think, is what you all said). Anyway! On day 4, feeling great. I've had chicken, fish, a bite of venison, and turkey! But I REALLY missed my Thai Iced Tea this afternoon. Thanks again, super folks. xoxo
  8. Hey all! Looks like this is the spot for newbs to post, so I'll throw my hat in the ring. I'm on day two of my first ever Whole30 and I'm really excited. And scared! And excited. I'm looking forward to reading through other posts, recipes, tips, etc., and I'm sure I'll struggle with a lot of the same things that others do (especially sugar and alcohol). One other thing that feels pretty big and (perhaps more) rare is that I've been vegetarian for the last 16 years (with the exception of eating fish maybe once every other month for some years). I had grilled chicken last night for the first time since high school, and it was actually not as scary as I'd thought. In a nutshell, I gave up meat because it made me feel lethargic and sick-- not for ethical reasons-- though I absolutely feel (at this point) that I can only eat ethically raised animals. I AM struggling a little to think beyond fish and chicken, though. I am hoping to maybe add pork in the next week or two, but I can't actually get excited about eating animals. BUT, I am recovering from an over-training injury (stress fracture of the femoral neck, just below the hip ball-and-socket joint); I am desperate to return EVEN STRONGER to my full-contact sport (roller derby), running, bootcamp, cycling, and a zillion other fun, exhaust-your-body things. After my physical therapist and a few teammates suggested reducing foods that cause inflammation and incorporating meat (for protein), I am ready to try. I completely and totally welcome any tips, especially from anyone who can sympathize with a bit of squeamishness about meat (this might be blasphemy. I don't know.). Thanks all! Day two feels great so far, and I'm looking forward to the next 28 days!