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    I've always been a bit of a pineapple fiend and could easily eat a whole bag of grapes - never had a problem with these before. As for the avocado/banana/latex thing, the rash is mostly on my forehead and I don't really touch it that much lol! Will cut out fruit until the rash goes and see what happens when I reintroduce it. Thanks!
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    I haven't really changed what I eat too much since starting the whole30. I have been eating more avocados, maybe a half 4 times a week. Half a sweet potatoes about 3 times a week. A lot more fruit than usual - a couple of days into my first week the thought of a proper meal made me feel nauseous so I turned to fruit as it was one of the things I could stomach but have cut down since then. Eggs I've increased a bit - I used to have eggs everyday for breakfast a few months ago (I've always been a bit carb-phobic so did anything to reduce my in take) but changed as I got a bit bored. Started eating eggs again when I started whole30. I maybe have 2-3 a day. Other than that, I think everything else is fairly similar. Hope this is enough info! Thanks for your help!
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    Hi, I'm on day 12 of the whole30 and woke up this morning with a small rash on the side of my neck. Later in the afternoon I noticed that my forehead is covered in what looks like an allergic reaction and it's also a little bit on my cheeks. I'm no stranger to allergic reactions - I'm allergic to hair dye so know what they look like - and this is quite similar only not as angry looking. I haven't changed my face wash or face creams. No other changes that I could attribute to the rash. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something like this and if so why has it happened?!?