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    Thank you OMalley576! I really appreciate your updated information. My husband and I are getting ready to start our first Whole30. I have been reading, reading and reading some more and trying to get a good plan in place for us. We are somewhat overwhelmed right now trying to get it all figured out.....what we can not have mainly. My husband travels with his job Monday thru Friday and eats lunch out everyday right now. Although he has said he will take his lunch and find a parking lot somewhere to sit and eat we both know there will be days he will need to eat lunch out with a client so he has asked me to come up with a few options of places and food choices. I am finding this to be very much of a challenge. I don't want him to become discouraged and fail. I am researching and trying to find a few doable options for him, but that is a task that is much harder than I had anticipated. So, thanks again for the information that you posted.