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  1. ButtercupBaby

    How to thicken basic mayo

    were the eggs and oil at room temperature? Mine thickened as I was drizzling in the oil. The oil and eggs have to be at room temperature to get an emulsion going and as you drizzle the oil slowly in (I took 10 minutes to drizzle in the oil) the mayo thickened. I think someone had a post about how to save mayo made incorrectly but I cannot remember where it was. Perhaps a word search?
  2. ButtercupBaby

    Starting February 1st!

    Well Day 28 and while I am not experiencing any "tiger blood" highs, I do feel slightly better than I did before and I am taking that positive fact and counting this as a win. As I have a multitude of health issues, MS, arthritis, and digestion and absorption issues, I expect it will take me a little bit longer to see results. Thats okay as I believe I am on the right pathway to better overall health. It makes sense that for those of us who start the journey with health issues we will not follow the same timeline as others. Our bodies have to heal and healing takes time and energy. I am experiencing a slight increase in my energy levels and I am eating (which is wonderful) and keeping the food down that I do eat. My choices may seem boring to others but it's working for me so I am not complaining. Sleep the last few days has not been as wonderful as it had been the last 2 weeks, and no I cannot add anymore supplements or the like to my daily intake, but I miss the good sleep I was experiencing. I also am still experiencing the tight belly and bloating every few days. I am thinking it must be a detoxing process and I am simply going to take longer to experience lasting effects. I sure hope that swings back my way, as I loved feeling refreshed when I woke up. What I have learned is that I like how I feel for the most part and while I may modify my daily eating plan in the future to a more paleo way of eating, this is working for me. I am looking forward to day 31 and wine though and eventually my beloved chai tea lattes, if dairy isn't one of my issues. The hubby and I are planning a really slow route for reintroduction of foods.
  3. ButtercupBaby

    Documentary: Sugar Crash

    I have been shocked at how much hidden sugar there is...especially in the so called healthy foods. The documentary above was great.
  4. anyone know of any compliant restaurants in Rutland or Southern Vermont area?
  5. ButtercupBaby

    Starting February 1st!

    NO I don't think my throwing up is caused by the whole 30. I think it is simply a part of my complex medical issues. It ( the nausea and vomiting) makes it difficult for me to eat enough food, so I am hungry a lot.
  6. ButtercupBaby

    Starting February 1st!

    I am throwing up for the last two days and my pants are still tighter. I have decided that I am going to think positively about this and this means despite my stomach going crazy the process is working for me. I am determined to see this through. After all I threw up for almost 2 years everyday before they figured out what was wrong- so this little blip is nothing.
  7. I do have a food log online here but it isn't that detailed -not sure I can remember all the details to put into one post. But it is possible to write in a journal. That's a good idea on the test. I am due for another round of blood work anyway to make sure the bleeding stopped and check my vitamin D levels and I will add that. Pineapple does help me with digestion, and I I agree it is good to know it isn't always just the food. I have seen a naturopathic doctor in the past but she retired. I will check it out and see if anyone replaced her.
  8. Thanks everyone. I needed that today. Today while breakfast went well. I threw up lunch- which was leftover dinner from last night. And when I went to eat Dinner BEFORE I even ate, I threw up! So I have only had one egg, sweet potato hash (this time I did have ground pork in it). Right now I am choking down one of my pre surgical smoothie shakes without the milk and the protein powder as it has dairy in it. I used coconut milk and frozen fruit. I don't think I will be able to get the whole thing down...but I need something. I have some bone broth cooking in the crock pot. I don't know - I am just chalking today off as a bad day. I stayed compliant but boy do I want saltines to help cut this nausea. I am hoping I don't have another blockage. The food book is a good idea. I used to keep a very detailed listing of what I ate, felt etc pre surgery for myself but the Docs just gave me blood transfusions and B12 shots to tide me over until my surgical date. LOL I was only urgent not yet an emergency as I wasn't passed out for more than 20 minutes at a time. It took 3 months for surgery after they diagnosed me properly. Insurance had to come on board - my surgery was historic as the first part was done with the cardiac robot a surgical team and cost (my insurance) over 2 Million. Course the insurance tried to not pay afterwards and I just said to them "okay I guess I will have to initiate a lawsuit against everyone who has seen me in the last year as I don't have that kind of money laying around." The insurance paid.
  9. ButtercupBaby

    Starting February 1st!

    It's day 8 for me...still struggling with the AM eating. I think this is probably related to my own health issues and not whole 30 so I need to forge a path for me that works for me. That said I did eat breakfast today - 2 hours after waking - and I did NOT throw up. Yay. I am a tad grumpy today. I was grumpy on day 3 and wanted to kill everyone but the granddaughter who I was babysitting (thank god cause you can't kill people with a 15 month old in your lap) my DH suffered the most that day...his came on day 5. Has anyone else experienced this up and down feelings on this program. Today I am discouraged and I don't know why. I slept well last night. I woke up my usual happy self - then whammo -headache, stuffy head, and I am grouchy enough that I notice.
  10. Not just nausea, I actually throw up. I was told this should go away...No guidelines for eating...just if something makes me throw up in 10 minutes... I cannot eat it or drink it. As my surgery was complicated and there are very few survivors usually after what happened to me..(Mortality rate is 87%) there isn't a lot of data...closest is the gastric bypass, but mine was different enough to be all on its own. 5 years later the morning nausea and vomiting is still present. Gastro docs blame MS, my MS doc says it has nothing to do with my MS. My regular doc tells me not to sweat it. I can't find the scientific research on this. I am hungry in the morning, I just cannot eat. Though each day through this I try to eat earlier and earlier....today is the first day I did not throw up breakfast. But it was 2 hours after I woke up that I was able to eat. I drink tea in the am..coffee never passes my lips on purpose...hate the stuff. What about broth...does that count as eating? Is there really a sugar free jello? I might be able to drink that or eat that.
  11. I have read a few comments on the forum that said we shouldn't eat fruit in the am first thing. That is the only thing I can eat so far within an hour of waking up that I don't throw up. I should mention that I have had serious stomach issues and had surgery to repair/rebuild my stomach...but if it is hormonal...that doesn't matter.
  12. Thanks, there is a BJ's closer to me than Burlington..I will check it out. We are going to keep this in rotation as well post Whole 30.
  13. ButtercupBaby

    Started this morning. Feb 8 Whole 30, here I go.

    You're rocking this. My hubby is doing this with me too..and it helps.
  14. ButtercupBaby

    Day 4 and want to quit

    I love-love-love soup. And I just bought the Well Fed book on Amazon. Thanks for the recipe...it looks wonderful. I am going to make some tomorrow! Is there a gelatin without sugar? I never even looked at those because I thought they would be off program. But yes I can eat those easily. I will have to search the forum for swallowing issues..I did find an MS one. But half my MS Warrior group is doing or has done Whole 30 and transitioned to a paleo or Wahl, that I am committed to making this work for me. Every little bit helps. Today I tried to eat a salad and that did not go over well. I lost dinner. Thats life. I do miss salads. Fortunately I took a cooking class in Italy and learned to sauté lettuce...its really good.
  15. ButtercupBaby

    Day 4 and want to quit

    5 years ago I had a hiatal hernia that blew open and then had a para-esophageal hernia that made my stomach go up around my heart. It took quite some time for the doctors to figure out where I was bleeding from and subsequently I lost a good chunk of stomach and had to have a new one made. It is not like the lap band surgery or the like, similar, but not the same. The stomach the surgeon made for me, has stretched to accommodate a small meal, but with my MS I have difficulty swallowing. The early morning nausea is partly related to my GERD, which I have had forever and am hopeful that this healthier diet will help with that. I have not stopped taking Nexium though and I take Zofran before each meal. This morning I ate an orange instead of an egg...and that went well. An hour later I had 2 hard boiled eggs that stayed down. I was able to eat lunch by 1:30 so I did well. Sadly I still cannot eat salads or many of the red meats. I miss salads more than steaks. I did cook the lettuce and I was able to eat it.