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    I had a medical issue a few years ago that made me learn a lot about regulating bowel movements. One lesson was about fiber. There are two types: soluble fiber absorbs water and becomes bulky, and is found in things like winter squash and sweet potato, and insoluble does not absorb water and is found in things like kale and the skins of apples. Some fruits and veggies contain both, some contain surprisingly little. You may want to try playing with the ratios of soluble to insoluble in your diet and see what you learn. Different bodies need different things. If I eat too much insoluble fiber on its own, I become constipated. It seems weird because conventional wisdom says "eat fiber to stay regular" but it's a little bit more complex than that. I would try laying off the eggs, banana, coconut and avocado a bit if your current diet is constipating. You'd have to find a way to work them in to a meal - maybe with some chicken and acorn squash - but dried apricots are good at getting things moving. Drink lots of water with them!