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  1. doedoechachacha

    Tips to Destroy That Damn Dragon

    Wow, thanks everyone for the tips and encouragement!! Love the Stevie Nicks song - very fitting, lol! As an aside, I found that taking a nap helps. I think I've gotten too used to filling sleepiness w/sugar when I really just need more rest. Let's see how things next days go!
  2. doedoechachacha

    Struggling with Pre/Post Meals and timing

    I feel like I keep writing this everywhere since I've totally for it when I found out about it, but I really like jerky as a pre or post WO snack. I just bought some from is from guys that do Crossfit. I actually found I personally can't digest meat too well for pre-WO myself. How about almond or other nut butters for your pre-WO meals? I'm not sure how you feel about it, but when I was off the Whole30, I made paleo bread and slathered it with nut butter or ghee and that made for a great pre-WO snack personally. Understandably, you can't do this while you're on the Whole30. Post-WO, the jerky has done me well since it's meaty, quick, and there's different flavors. It's lean enough so that it doesn't fill me up too much. If the RX Bars are filling you up, have you considered just eating half of it? Or perhaps skipping it altogether and just going for your full meal. Otherwise, there is also nut milks.
  3. doedoechachacha

    Half Marathon Training

    I think every body is different. For me personally, I can't eat too much for my pre-wo meals or I feel really sick. I work best with something that's more easily digestible. Here is based on my experience: A really small bit of protein like a handful of nuts is great because it has the protein + fats already. I've found that just protein is not enough energy so definitely add some fat. Don't have sugar or other carbs (i.e. potato / banana, etc) because you're not helping your body burn fat efficiently. I had a banana one morning and felt like crap in the middle of my run because it finished burning it so quickly. It made my blood sugar out of whack. I also found that flaxmeal is awesome. For my pre-race meal, I added some flaxmeal to my eggs and I think it was great - not too filling, and a sustained energy for me. It's going to be a rough adjustment at first because your body is so used to burning carbs. But once it adjusts, you're going to feel great. My boyfriend finished his half marathon without carbs for the first time and his performance sky-rocketed. He was amazed, and he felt GREAT before / during / afterwards. He swears by it now - he is a whole30 believer. I really like jerky as a post-wo meal. It's fast, portable, and lean. I've read that you should add starchy veggies (i.e. potato) as well - this will help replenish you and give you energy. But if you can help it, you can also leave this out (is what I've read). I've also had a cup of almond milk post workout. You're supposed to have dinner right after your post-wo meal. I haven't really experimented with this much otherwise. I've read a runner's blog that she would keep dates filled with nut butter rolled up in wax paper (like candy), as backup during her races... like kind of a whole30 compliant sports gel. Hope that helps a bit. I'm still working on all of this myself!
  4. So yes, I have a sugar addiction problem. In fact, I have a binging issue when it comes to sugar. And even if it's not sugar, it's bread and carbs. How does everyone slay their dragon? When temptation rolls around, what goes through your head? Sometimes, after overcoming the temptation in that small period, the desires stay in my head... Like inception. Like a forbidden lover. One look, and I'm hooked. I notice its nooks and crannies. I can't get my mind off, and sometimes it will even last for weeks. I hate this feeling of lack of control. Please, someone help!
  5. I personally like lean jerky since it's easy to carry and keep in my bag!!
  6. doedoechachacha

    Sprouted Beans

    I don't plan on reintroducing them ever, and they're just sitting there tempting me to go back to my old vegan diet.
  7. doedoechachacha

    Sprouted Beans

    Thanks - yes, was planning to just sprout them. I don't mind just eating the sprouted portion if that means that I don't have to completely waste a bean.
  8. doedoechachacha

    Sprouted Beans

    Hi! I know this has been asked over and over again, but I just wanted a bit more details as I'm aware sprouted beans are technically okay... But what kind of bean? I have jars of beans at home right now that vary in color and sizes: black, light green, light yellow, pink, large, small, lentils, etc. It's a variety pack. I'm wondering if it's acceptable if I sprouted them and cooked them to eat? If not... Any thoughts on what to do with them?!??? Are they so bad I should eliminate them for good even after the Whole30 (I'm technically on a Whole 90). I would hate to waste food. Thanks! Dosanna