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  1. BecknRdsMama

    No scale? really??

    So who here breaks this rule? I can't get past wanting to step on the scale. I lost 60 lbs last year, and have gained 30 of it back since May, mainly from eating crap. So now that I'm eating clean I really like watching those numbers go down. I know losing isn't the goal of the Whole30 but since I GAINED so much this year, it would make me feel better to watch that number get smaller. Am I the only one with this weakness. ?
  2. BecknRdsMama


    I like adding different herbs/seasonings to my mayo. Chipotle powder for a smoky heat. Celery seed for mayo used in chicken salad. garlic and onion powder for a ranch type flavor. Yummmmm, I love mayo and homemade mayo makes eating lettuce wraps so NOM NOM NOM...
  3. BecknRdsMama

    Young/Thai coconuts

    young coconuts are the ones we get the yummy coconut water from. Don't drink the liquid from a brown coconut, it is old and will hurt your belly. I haven't gotten a coconut since starting W30, I need one now so I can scoop the yummy "coconut pudding"
  4. BecknRdsMama


    Thanks, it helps to hear it. I'm trying my best!
  5. BecknRdsMama

    Starting 11/12

    Homemade cookies, man that is tough!!! Tonight I'm going to a mama get together where we usually drink wine and eat yummy snacks. I've made some garlicky kale and plan to eat my protein before I go and munch on the kale while there. My friend has one of those sodastream machines too so fizzy water with lime will be my drink for the evening. Wish me luck!!
  6. BecknRdsMama


    So I struggle with headaches, have all my life. I knew a change in diet would cause headaches and I am trying to hold off taking stuff, but yesterday I did. Man that stuff works ( Excedrin is asprin, tylenol, caffeine) But I know it isn't good for my body and want to avoid it. What do you folks do if you have a headache. Thoughts? I'm also recovering from a cold virus and downed some elderberry syrup on day 2 (I'm just on day 4 ) It doesn't have added sugar but MAN IS IT SWEET! How do remedies and OTC meds work on the whole30?
  7. BecknRdsMama

    Newbie... Sort of... needs support :)

    I too have food issues. I LOVE food, it's my comfort. I like going to gatherings and parties just to see what food they will have. i LOVE to cook and explore in the kitchen. I've got to get past this. I also hope to find support here. I'm on day 3. Good luck!!
  8. BecknRdsMama

    Starting 11/12

    Day 3!! Going pretty well so far. Woke up super early and hungry so I had breakfast at like 6 a.m. (I usually sleep till 8) Now I'm hungry again. Maybe some fruit?? I want coffee but I used to like it sweet (with stevia) and lots of half and half so it's just not doing it for me with no sweetener and coconut milk. Instead I'm drinking hot tea, BUT I WANT COFFEE.
  9. BecknRdsMama

    Can I have tahini? (crushed sesame seeds)

    about to make a dressing with tahini and garlic and olive oil. I figure 1 T of it covering a whole head of kale is OK, but then again I am new to this. I've read all the other search results and I guess it's not great cause of the Omega 6 in it, maybe I will counter that with lots of Omega 3 today :/ ?
  10. BecknRdsMama

    Nutritional yeast?

    I like it in a dressing for garlicky kale. Yum! or just sprinkled on veggies for a deeper flavor. Loaded with B vitamins and protein.
  11. BecknRdsMama

    Starting 11/12

    Day 1 check, here's to day 2! Feeding my son pizza (he's 4 and had been asking for pizza for days )at whole foods while I munched on a kale salad was hard but doable. I LOVE food so I've already cooked some really yummy stuff. Yesterday I made sauted/charred cauliflower with green onion. Cooked in an iron skillet with coconut oil , salt, pepper and crushed red pepper. So yummy. even my kids liked it!! Good luck folks.
  12. BecknRdsMama

    Starting 11/12

    I'm starting today too! Also not new to paleo but new here. I've been eating "whatever" since having surgery in May. Time to get back on track, I've gained 20+ pounds this year (after losing 60 in 2011) No more excuses, it's 30 day. We can do this.