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  1. LoveyR

    Starting On March 28th!

    So Day 2 done, just gotta prep for tomorrow. Anyone else feeling tired today? I don't think I have the "hangover" that was mentioned, but I am feeling a little sluggish. Meals have been super filling and I haven't really missed/craved much. I notice that I feel pretty hungry around 10:30-11 even though I'm pretty full after breakfast. Is it just me?
  2. LoveyR

    Starting On March 28th!

    Good morning everyone and Happy Day 1 to all! Shopping was interesting yesterday, but my buggy was mostly full of veggies so that made me happy! Having the frittata with half an avocado for brekkie this morning. Anyone else find it was mainly spinach held together by a bit of egg? Lunch is packed and dinner was mostly prepped yesterday. So far so good I guess. Lol!
  3. LoveyR

    Starting On March 28th!

    Hello! I'll be starting Day 1 tomorrow so that means today is prep day. I was going to start April 1 but no time like the present right? I'm so glad I found a group that will be going through this with me! I'm more of a carb junkie; breads, crackers, potato chips will be tough for me to give up. But it's only 30 days right?