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  1. Present4Life

    Filipino Whole30 Eats

    Pancit is one of my favorite foods in the world, so I am going to have to try this!
  2. Present4Life

    Packing Lunches

    Maybe make a larger dinner and take leftovers from the night before?
  3. Present4Life

    Tell me about Nutritional Yeast

    I have a bag of NY that I have yet to use, because I am so unfamiliar with it. I'll be keeping an eye on this thread
  4. Present4Life

    Any impact on PMS symptoms?

    I had the same annoying PMS symptoms during my W30: bloating, cramps, GI issues, moodiness. And my period was even longer than usual. Maybe it will improve as the months go by with better eating habits, but this last months kicked my butt.
  5. Present4Life

    Are hashbrowns ok?

    Wow, I didn't know there where allergen guides for restaurants out there. That is fabulous. I already downloaded some for my local go-to places, so I can have them just in case
  6. Present4Life

    Anyone have advice on learning to run?

    I just adore The non-runner's guide to marathon training - I am going to have to dig that off my shelf again
  7. Present4Life

    Day 25 NO results :(

    Sorry you're feeling poorly If you post a several days of your food log into this thread, then the Moderators might be able to pinpoint what might need to be adjusted.
  8. Present4Life

    Day 33 and still getting headaches

    You may want to experiment. If you feel a headache coming on - try a small protein/fat snack to see if that alleviates it, like the wine did. If it works, then you know that is the culprit. Best wishes! Keep checking in and let us know how it goes
  9. Present4Life

    Day 33 and still getting headaches

    Congratulations on 33 days! Saturday, it looks like you had no added fat in your breakfast, and likely 2 eggs on your salad for lunch was not enough protein. Did your salad dressing have fat in it? Sunday, you had a 4 mile walk, but it doesn't look like you had enough food in general and not enough added fat. Monday, I see a lack of added fats and not enough eggs for breakfast. Remember, as many eggs as you can hold in your hand. Tuesday, need more added fats. Plus one egg at lunch is not enough protein. From all that I would conclude - Eat More. Got to love an eating plan that actually encourages you to eat
  10. Present4Life

    I hate mayonnaise

    Thank you, Thank you Sugarcube! Those are some great ideas Time to get cookin' and experiment with them.
  11. Present4Life

    I hate mayonnaise

    My husband will be starting W30 with me this weekend. It'll be my Day 31 and his Day 1. Problem is, he doesn't like mayo, avocado or coconut. He likes olives, but I don't imagine he'd want them 3 meals a day. I know nuts are limited, and I could add bacon to some items. I am just struggling to find other "added fats" so that he'll have a good variety and not get bored of the few he likes. I know for salads I can add olive oil, but... If I make a skillet stir-fry and can't count the cooking fat as the added fat - I don't want to add olive oil on to of that - it would just make it too greasy. What are some of everyone's favorite "fatty" sauces? Like Sunshine Sauce. Any other creative ideas?
  12. I found this an excellent resource. It's not a recipe, but a plan of how to meal prep for a week.
  13. Present4Life

    I Crave Juicy Fruits and Soup

    Watermelon is also a well known diuretic, so that might be having an effect as well if you are not drinking enough water.