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  1. ctgraham

    Starting January 2!

    Yeah, my clothes don't really feel much looser, either. Sounds like a huge success at Book Club regardless! And who knows when the outside changes will show. We are AMAZING and we are doing this!!! (And yes, sigh... wine.) Keep up the good work!
  2. ctgraham

    Starting January 2!

    Amen! I have such a huge sweet tooth. I turn to sugar to celebrate, when I have a bad day, when I'm bored, or any other reason. I love how during W30 I stop thinking about an after-dinner treat and other ways of coping. I really want to bring those different responses into the future (distract, take a walk, etc.) that I never seem to follow through with otherwise... This is my second (or partial third, since I did a "short one" once) go -around, and for me, it's been the most positive, or easiest, or something. I still feel energized and hopeful to see what improvements come each day, and not counting the seconds until it's done. Nut- hooray for this group: we're 1/2-way there!!!!! Congrats!
  3. ctgraham

    Starting January 2!

    Starting my second full W30 (plus a few partial forays when feeling crappy). I am ready to stop vacation eating and get back on track. It’s been several months and the weight has been creeping up again. My clothes are tight, my skin is not clear, and I’m feeling grumpy a lot. Let’s do this!
  4. ctgraham

    Starting January 2!

    Ha - finished the wine and chocolate fondue, and told the kids they could now eat my yogurt and raisin bread. I’m ready for tomorrow!