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  1. ultrafighter

    2nd Whole30

    I started my second Whole30 on Monday (the 5th) and have been having a good week so far. I'm super excited to do this again! I have the confidence of knowing that I've already been able to do this before, and I know my pitfalls and truly know how important preparation is. I thought I was ready the first time; now I'm on fire! I'm only on day 3, but I can already tell a difference in how less bloated I feel (yay). I live in Texas and have a gorgeous husband and two amazing little boys. We're all doing Whole30 together, except the boys are more Whole30-"ish" this time around. That's okay, though. Because of my aforementioned confidence, I know I can succeed even if my hubs falls totally off the wagon. He supports me 100%, but more importantly I can support myself if I need to.
  2. ultrafighter

    First Time, starting tomorrow may 19th~

    Hi! Today is technically day 1 for me again (didn't read a label yesterday like I should have). Can I borrow a smidge of your excitement? haha I'm pretty bummed about my reset.
  3. ultrafighter

    Do I need to start again?

    Oh my goodness YES.
  4. ultrafighter

    Feels like I just wasted 11 days...

    On the plus side, at least I've gotten the digestive nightmare of a big diet change out of the way.
  5. I'm so angry with myself. I put some marinated artichokes on my salad today at lunch and then had the bright idea to check the ingredients when I was finished eating. "Vegetable oil (soy or sunflower)". There's no way to find out what was actually used so I have to start over. I mean really, 11 days is nothing in the grand scheme of life. I'm just so irritated anyway. They had been hanging out in my pantry for a couple of months waiting for me to open them. Or at least read the stupid label first.
  6. ultrafighter

    Salmon Cakes from ISWF

    I did that last night out of necessity, and I was praying the whole time that that was still compliant. They had a tiny bit of coconut essence in their flavor, but everything seemed to be in order. Mine were a bit dry, too, so I'll tinker with the amount of flour next time. My toddler *loved* them.
  7. ultrafighter

    Success so far!

    Wow! Okay, so we've been on the Whole30 only for two days, but I'm already seeing big things for my toddler! He's not eating lots of veggies like we are, but he has tried (and liked) two new foods. So I'm extremely optimistic that he will willingly eat more veggies by the time it's all said and done! We aren't being as strict with him as we are with ourselves, but so far he's living through all the changes we are. We are willing to do paleo pancakes for him if he asks. But so far he has only asked while we're out and about and can't make them, and he forgets about it by the time we're home. I think for lunch I'm going to make him a small smoothie to get some green stuff in. I don't like being sneaky, but so far he's only had some spaghetti squash in the way of vegetables. This all seems almost too easy. I know there are some battles ahead.
  8. ultrafighter

    Plunging the whole family in! May 7th Start!

    I wasn't able to find where I could edit my post, but I wanted to add that Saturday May 7th will be the big day.
  9. Hello! I'm Jessica, wife to G and mom to two boys, B and E (we didn't pick those initials on purpose... haha). I read the Whole30 book this weekend, and my husband is taking his turn with it now. We're going to work on the preparation phase and start this bad boy sometime this week. I'm ready to stop being a slave to food!! And I want my boys to make healthy choices from the start, not take 30+ years to figure it out like I did. I've got lots of high hopes for this program (amazingly, none of them have to do with the scale for once in my life) and look forward to getting into the trenches with all of y'all. Oh yeah, we're from Texas. Yeehaw!