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    I'm the mom of two young boys.

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  1. How is it going? I'm 40 and most like have rheumatoid arthritis (next appointment Wednesday). I did a W30 a year ago and loved the results, but that was before I had RA symptoms. Planning to start W30 again this Sunday.
  2. BreannaRose

    Newbie here! Starting April 8th!

    I'm starting the 9th. I did a round a year ago and loved the results! I've gone back to eating terrible again so I'm looking forward to getting back on track. We can do it!
  3. BreannaRose

    Starting May 23

    Are you eating a lot of vegetables? There is no limit to the amount we can eat so I'd fill your plate up with more at meal times. It may be less food than you usually eat but since it is full of nutrients, you shouldn't feel too hungry later.
  4. BreannaRose

    Starting May 23

    Yesterday, Day 4, I had my first positive result of Whole 30! Ok, it was probably a coincidence, but I want to share anyway. We were in the kitchen: husband: Where is the lid to this water pitcher? Me: White cupboard, top shelf, on the right. husband: Wow! You're gaining your memory back! My husband isn't on the Whole30 and had no idea that "brain fog lift" is one of the results. He just noticed. I'm very forgetful and have some ADD tendencies. Usually my answer to such a questions would be, "I don't know, I remember putting it somewhere..." Like I said, maybe it is just a coincidence because it seems a bit early to be getting results like this, doesn't it? Regardless, this has made my husband even more supportive of me doing this! Hope to see more of this as the days go on.
  5. BreannaRose

    Starting May 23

    Start Day 3 here! I'm still shocked that I haven't really been hungry. I've thought, "I should eat..." but then I realized I wasn't actually hungry so I waiting until I was, which was close to meal time. First two days were like this: Breakfast: Fried a tomato and green pepper with olive oil and then added eggs. Today I only had one egg and had fruit on the side. Coffee without sugar or anything. Lunch: Fried vegetables (whatever I had) Added tuna along with the veggies Fruit Supper: Chicken and vegetables, again fried in olive oil. Snack: Fruit I also try to keep my water bottle full of water and ice, sometimes a squeeze of lemon (not every time because the acid can be too much for my stomach) I don't make decisions based on calories, but I'm using MFP and so far I'm eating under 1200!! This makes me excited because it means I'll definitely loose weight! I was eating at least 2000 before and still hungry! No hunger this time. I've never been a big veggie eater but I'm finding it very satisfying.
  6. BreannaRose

    Starting May 23

    If anyone wants to Friend my on MPF to see how I eat I'm Breannavalverde there. (assuming this wouldn't get you too focused on calories)
  7. BreannaRose

    Starting May 23

    Hi I started today, the 22nd. I now weigh more than I did during both my pregnancies and I'm so ready for this. Day 1 went well! I'm using My Fitness Pal just because I'm curious. It is the end of the day here (I'm in Egypt) and I'm surprised how few calories I ate. I was only hungry at meal times, and I used to snack constantly. I'd easily eat more than 2000 calories a day. Today I barely ate more than 1000!! I'm reading It Starts With Food, which is explaining this all to me while it's happening. Since Im giving my body what it actually needs, it doesnt tell me Im hungry. I'm going to be reading during these 30 days to keep me motivated.