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  1. Ranch that doesn't taste like mayo?

    Search on Pinterest for Dump ranch. Does have coconut milk but doesn't taste coconutty to me and not thick like mayo either.
  2. SugarCoated

    I've seen it. Opened my eyes to a lot if things about sugar and have me encouragement during my whole 30 journey that I really was changing my life.
  3. Newbie Starting June 1st (that's TOMORROW)

    Seapony that's exactly what I did too. A little OCD is good for the soul, especially I think for following this Whole 30. Got to be diligent about planning, prepping, and checking those labels.
  4. June 1, 2016 Whole30 Group

    Another June 1st starter here. So far so good at the end of day 2 except my kitchen is a constant mess from prepping, packing lunch, and then bringing back the empty lunch dishes. Hope I can get a good prep schedule going this weekend. Today I was missing my Altoids. I had to give them up since they are just little sugar bombs, but I am admittedly addicted to them. All afternoon I just wanted to pop a mint in my mouth.
  5. Starting June 1st!

    I started June 1st on my own too. Nice to find some friends here. On day 1 I felt invincible in the morning but had some hypoglycemia before lunch. I think I didn't have enough veggies in my breakfast so my brain was looking for fuel. Today added more veggies and didn't have a problem. Today I also finally got around to taking my "before" pictures. I'm not sure if it was motivating or depressing. But now I have them and hope I'll like seeing them again at the end of the month compared to my new me.