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  1. I think the only approved whole30 kombucha option is GT's. You need to read labels however - lots of brands add evaporated cane sugar to their 'booch. I think there are a few flavors of GT that do that, but the varieties escape me at the moment. Most of the GT's I've found are compliant, though. I'll let someone else speak to the rest of your question
  2. You mention you know you won't be doing a compliant whole30 - what things are you being lenient on? Have you tried eating more fruit? Maybe having a larabar or rx bar or something if you're craving something sweet/simple carbs? What about white potatoes? I applaud you - I don't think I could have done a whole30 pregnant - my cravings were insane!
  3. hezzer78

    Not seeing any NSV so far

    Here is a rough idea of my meals.. Breakfast - 2 or 3 eggs, 2 bacon, kale (sometimes some sweet potato or white potato) Snack - tomatoes, celery, carrots, and either a cup of bone broth OR a meat stick Lunch - approx 4 oz of protein, 1-2 cups of veggies, 1-1.5 servings of fat (avocado, coconut oil, olive oil), approx 4 oz of starch (sweet potato or potato) 1 serving of fruit (plum, grapes, oranges, etc). Snack - banana + nut butter, cup of bone broth or epic bar Dinner - same as lunch but no fruit Sometimes if I'm really hungry before bed I'll have a tbsp or so of cashew butter.
  4. I'm on day 19 of my September whole30 and I'm kind of tempted to quit. I'm not really seeing any NSV. I'm still feeling hungry between meals and I'm still eating 2-3 snacks a day. I'm also crazy tired and I'm finding it super hard to get up in the mornings. I also feel like I'm craving sugar and the bad foods I used to eat with the same intensity as I used to (wine has been a bad thing I've been craving SUPER hard lately). I kind of thought these symptoms would have passed by now. Anyone do a whole30 and still end up feeling like they were on day 1 even when they were at the end of the program? I'm tempted to throw in the towel..
  5. hezzer78

    Planning to start September 1. Are you?

    Hi! I'm starting my 2nd whole30 on Sept 2! I'm 41 and a mom to a 1 yr old. I've managed to get off all the baby weight, but have been noticing my sugar dragon really getting out of control. I'm hoping this round will help get that under control, as well as fix my aching legs/joints and sleep issues!! I'm trying to get my husband on board as well. He recently got blood work done and his triglycerides and HDL are not good - I'm hoping that's enough push to get him thinking about his health! Can't wait to be active here and meet the community! -Heather