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  1. There are several types of Coconut oil, what are the best types and whole30 approved?
  2. Tonya Farley Wagner

    ideas for summer lunches?

    Our daughter is new to Whole30 program and is doing great. She is a summer camp counsler and will be taking day trips where she will be taking her lunch. When her group takes day trips, their lunches will be left on the bus. The lunch cooler bag that she has to take can't be big and has to be the size of a brown paper bag. We are working with her on coming up with some easy lunches that can she can take that would not get too hot on the bus. Any ideas?
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    "Oh my god, what DO you eat ?"

    Kristen, Where did you get your bacon? The ones we've found have sugar. Even from the local farmers market where we get our grass feed beef.
  4. Tonya Farley Wagner

    Trader Joes cage free egg whites

    Great question, I'm new to whole30 and would like to know also.
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    almond milk, almond butter

    Thanks for all the information it was a big help!
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    I've seen some recipes include vanilla extract, can I use this with this whole30 program?
  7. Tonya Farley Wagner

    almond milk, almond butter

    On the Whole30 can we have almond milk and almond butter being its nothing but almonds which are good fats?