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  1. Thank you. Day 28. It looks like we will fall short by one day. I'm leaving town to see my sick father, and the kids will need sandwiches while I am gone. We will have gone 29 days with 9 people. I think we've done pretty well. This is just a little much for my husband to handle without me. We will continue eating this way when I get back though.
  2. I posted for suggestions in another thread, but I'm dying here. I am cooking for 9 people three meals a day every day. I went into the kitchen to make lunch and found that the egg salad I had planned can't happen. They ate all of the boiled eggs but 6. That is not enough to feed all nine of us. The thought of cooking another meal brings me to tears. I've used the slow cooker, I've baked ahead, I've boiled and scrambled eggs..... I can not seem to get out of the kitchen. We homeschool as well, so we will all be home all day for the rest of eternity. How on earth do I make this easier??????? It'