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  1. Finding Balance

    Mine is a timing issue. Gym opens at 6am and I like to be there right as it opens so I don't usually get a chance to eat before but then if I don't eat before I feel woozy. I have been able to workout later with hubby being home but he is leaving again so I really need to figure something out a.s.a.p and I don't eat nuts. It might be that I have to just get up earlier and choke back some cold sweet potato chunks which I like and some premade egg salad. I am wondering what is a good amount to eat prior to working out, I know I don't want to eat my full huge breakfast before I work out but I need some kind of fuel after a night of fasting. Maybe some coconut oil, sweet potato chunks and egg salad...I need quick food I can eat fast and in the dark.
  2. It's alive!

    SQUEEEEE! So my bff who works at a naturopathic doctor's office just called me and said she has a SCOBY for me from one of her co-workers! I am FREEEEKING excited!!! MOAR EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!
  3. Balsamic Vinegar and Mustard??

    Sulphites are fine if they are naturally occurring, so it's good! The cheaper ones add sulphites in afterwards. Of course if you are sensitive to sulphites you might want to avoid it but otherwise if they are naturally occurring you're fine. Everything seems fine on the but I am unsure on tartaric acid. My balsamic's ingredients are just organic balsamic vinegar and it has 1g of sugar. The balsamic is totally your call. Proud of everyone for reading labels!!
  4. Whole30-compliant entertaining

    Sounds yummy! I'll watch the mail for my invite
  5. Make sure you are following the template....palm of protein, 2 thumbs of fat and as many veggies of all colors as you can cram in...like lots of veggies! Is it physical hunger....like stomach growling etc? or is is craving? great way to tell...could you eat fish and veggies? yes, real hunger....no, a craving. I know at first I thought I was hungry then I did the assessment. Are you used to snacking at a certain time of day? You are correct that it will take a while for your hormones to balance out. You just might not be eating enough. Add more veggies, or a half an avocado, or a half a sweet potato to your meals. Following the template will keep you full for many hours between meals. If it is real hunger, have a mini meal....raw veggies and a hardboiled egg, a small piece of meat and some broccoli. I would not suggest snacking on fruit and nuts.
  6. You are mostly likely addicted to the caffeine in the tea BUT my husband used a very very similar herbal tea from Celestial Seasons to break his pop addiction. He drank 3+ teas a day at first. I have tried it and while it is compliant, it is sweet! He has one a day now that he is off pop (and on day 32 compliant!) If you can personally say that you are using it as a crutch, I would cut back or stop. It sounds like you *might* be using it as dessert sub which means although it's compliant, it is taking the place of sweets. Up to you, but based on what you said you could switch to something less likely to hit that button in your brain.
  7. Cinnamon Blueberry Muffins

    This is still SWYPO... a paleo-ified version of a former food....these are not in the spirit of the Whole30 despite the compliant ingredients.
  8. New member...smoothie ?

    My personal thought is that since you are so close to the start, just restart and take your smoothie trip up as a learning experience. My thought is a ham with a sugar crust would also have sugar in the ham as well. Read the label every time and if there is no label or if you feel sketchy on it, leave it out. And smoothies are not compliant which you have found out but more importantly that is a TON of fruit, more than you should probably eat in a whole day, flax seeds are also not compliant. Start trying to eat meat and veggies for breakfast instead of a large dose of sugar as your first meal of the day.

    I would caution against a nut and coconut milk breakfast. A meal like that isn't going to provide as much satiety as say eggs and veg or meat and veg and eating a compliant cereal isn't doing much to change old habits and form new ones.
  10. Do you need them for a specific recipe? or just plain eating? Try making your own...set your oven to the lowest temp it will go and put them on parchment paper and let go for like 8 hours. Or you can try some non-chain hippie food stores.
  11. Whole 30 approved mayo?

    Chicken salad, tuna salad, coleslaw, broccoli slaw, deviled eggs, mayo-guac, dill dip for veggies, spinach dip, salad dressing. I dip my meatloaf in it and sometimes I eat it off the spoon.
  12. Balsamic Vinegar and Mustard??

    Without you listing the ingredients lists it's hard to tell. Balsamic may contain sulphites and other creepies...usually the more expensive the bottle the more likely it is to be compliant. Mustards might contain weird preservatives or sugar but like I said without you listing the ingredients, I can't say.
  13. Milk substitute

    And also even compliant additives like guar gum can cause GI issues with some people, just something to be mindful of.
  14. Things to add to coffee??

    I just want to echo KB...If you want to add vanilla to stuff, make sure you aren't using vanilla extract because it has alcohol in it.
  15. Bone broth between meals

    Nah...it will still be liquid at room temp but if there is fat in it, it might firm up a little. I drink mine with it's a bit cool. Drink up!