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  1. MJam

    almond milk, almond butter

    Most of that list are creepy no-gos....Any almond milk (and coconut milk) in a box is a no-go. The only compliant almond milk is the stuff you make yourself. Canned coconut milk is the only pre-made compliant coconut milk and even then some people have issues with the guar gum in some of them (I don't touch the stuff personally). Things with ingredient lists that are rather long typically aren't compliant.
  2. MJam

    Water Chestnuts

    Thanks everyone! Love me some mud vegetables and the stirfry was delish! Good to know that they make the cut.
  3. MJam

    Water Chestnuts

    Making an elk meat stirfry and I am wondering if water chestnuts are compliant. The almighty internet says that they are in the tuber family...help me out paleo family! My rule is when it doubt leave them out so I am leaving them out but now I am curious. My can lists water chestnuts and water as the only 2 ingredients. I love the crunch they give a stirfry but if they are not compliant my stirfrys can survive without them.
  4. MJam

    Soybean Oil - Start over?

    My personal answer is yes...but I am in the meany all-or-nothing-100%-compliance-means-100% camp. I believe that the Whole30 is about consciousness and every time your hand with food in it goes to your mouth you should be asking questions (what is in this? Am I really hungry? etc.) I have more issue the chips...sweet potatoes are compliant but paleo-ified treats are completely NOT in the spirit of Whole30. I also have a dislike of compliant Lara bars for the same reason...those things are crowding out REAL food.
  5. MJam

    Plan a Whole30 dream vacation

    I would go to a yoga farm (I just made that up but I hope one exists). We would get up before the sun and do a beautiful morning practice after that we would drink the house-made bone broth and have a huge veggie filled breakfast then we would put on the wellies for a 5 hour morning shift on the farm feeding animals, tending crops, gathering eggs. Lunch would be a delicious communal affair with all the food from the farm. A choice of a mid-day nap in a hammock, a swim in their pool or another yoga session. Wellies back on to do another 3 hours of farm work or hunt or help prep the evening meal with the red seal award winning paleo chef. Dinner of grass-fed bison, all the greens I could eat and lots of fresh organ meat surrounded by dirty, tired, happy people who had worked hard all day (this reminds me so so so much of my camp living treeplanting days). After dinner there would be a lovely restorative evening hatha or yin practice then everyone would tuck into bed before 10pm to do it all over again. I might have just bummed myself out since I know this place doesn't exist in real life...but it's fun to imagine.
  6. MJam

    The crazy things people say

    My husband incredulously as I was heating tallow to make my breakfast him: "You are eating pure fat and still getting skinny?" me: yes darling He's just mad my boobies shrank