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  1. Hi. Thanks for this question. I'm having a similar problem on day 24, beginning a few days ago, with feeling full very quickly and feeling like I'm having to choke down food. I'm also historically a very big eater. My main question is whether I should stop eating meals when I get that sort of nauseous feeling even if I've only eaten a small amount by then?
  2. I just finished my Whole 30! I have been binge eater for decades, especially with sweets and snacks like chips and dips and popcorn. I almost always overate with huge meals at dinner, snacks before dinner and evening eating. I had my doubts about whether I could finish. It was often hard and I went up and down in how I felt until the very end. I had some good successes. Just going 30 days without sugar and stevia was huge for me. I made sure to eat enough, but did not overeat, without really struggling after the first few days. I almost completely stopped snoring -- good for my sleep and my wife's. I felt much better and had more energy and focus. (Today, day 32, is a little muddled because I had a bad reaction to rice reintroduction on day 31). My mood, which often swings a lot from a medical condition, has been much more stable. My clothes fit looser and belt has gone down a notch. Now for the weight part - I lost between 12 and 15 pounds. 12 when I weighed the afternoon of day 31, 15 when I weighed first thing in the morning on day 32 -- the time of day I weighed before. So, yaay and thank you Whole30!
  3. Bruce M

    Was my rice test isolated enough?

    Thank you! I will do that.
  4. I just completed my Whole30 successully, with good results. On day 31, yesterday, I decided to reintroduce brown rice, a staple of my diet before. I ate filet gumbo thickened with one cup of a mixture of coconut, tapioca and brown rice flour in about 12 quarts of gumbo -- the rest was just veggies, meat and compliant beef stock. I have eaten a lot of filet gumbo with no bad effects. I had a small serving of plain brown rice with it. I felt bad pretty quickly and got worse and worse with an upset gut, fatigue, headache. I had a hard time getting to sleep (after sleeping well during the Whole30) and today still feel pretty bad overall. All the flours had no other ingredients. I had eaten tapioca starch once before to thicken meat balls with no effects. I have also had no reactions to canned coconut milk, but had not eaten coconut flour. My question is whether the coconut and tapioca flour could have contributed to feeling badly and whether my test for rice was isolated enough to give me good information? Thank you!