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  1. Siobbhan

    Where To Go? (and what to eat)

    I like this thread too! While not dining out or travelling per se, but I need some help....I am in my 4th day of my 1st Whole 30...and we have volleyball championships this Saturday!! It is an all day thing with potential travel between 2 sites....generally there is a team table with all kinds of foods...veggies, granola bars, bagels, etc....not many, outside of the veggies and maybe the fruits, Whole 30 approved. I am really concerned that this will derail me...or I should say that I will let it derail me. Any ideas of how to manage through this? What to bring with me? Is it ok to go to the "Subways" and just get the salads with meat, etc? Thank you in advance for any advice and motivation someone can provide.