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  1. Juliana Paiva

    Can I have Tucupi and tapioca?

    My opinion is just like yours. I don't eat mexican food and tapioca is far from beeing a tortilla-like food for me, but I didn't eat during my whole30, just because I was triying something new. Now I finished it, I understand all the proposal behind avoid paleo hacks and, in my opinion, I don't think tapioca would Be a hack. As I said before, is just cultural diferences, the whole 30 community is growing so fast, is reaching people around the world and I think could Be the time To think about these diferences.
  2. Juliana Paiva

    Can I have Tucupi and tapioca?

    Thanks everyone who answered my question. I know The rule about food that try To mimetize junk food, I just asked this because here in my city we don't use to eat mexican food and tapioca isn't a tortilla-like for us, native indian people did it since ever, in fact I never ate a tortilla, I just know what it is, this kind of food isn't very popular here. And this was a doubt we here disscussed a lot about, we dicided don't eat, but this keeping coming around because is just hot tapioca flour, is something health around here. Just cultural diferences. Thanks again
  3. Juliana Paiva

    Can I have Tucupi and tapioca?

    Hi, I'm sure this will be a dificult one, but I researched and didn't find a answer. I'm from Belém a city located in the Amazon Forest area and we have some very specific ingredients that I'd like to know if is alowed in whole 30. Both are from cassava, one you probably know and it's tapioca flour, we put the flour in a hot pan and this get together and this turn into a disk like that could seems like a flexible taco shell (just trying put in words here), we call this tapioca and we eat with all kind of ingredients, chiken, butter, fruits, coconut... Here we can buy tapioca direct from small producers, all natural. The other ingredient is tucupi, a yellow (pretty and delicious) liquid extracted from bitter cassava and used as a sauce, a soup or a broth in the regional cuisine in my city, As tapioca we can buy tucupi direct from producer, nothing added. We have others ingredients extracted from cassava: Farinha de tapioca (like pearls of tapioca) and Goma de tapioca (tapioca flour diluted in water, the gummy transparent liquid in the photo), but they come all from the tapioca flour. I added some photos to help. Can I have these cassava products? Thank you so much!