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My Whole30 and backpacking all summer!


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Hey everyone just wanted to introduce myself and that I'm going to be starting my Whole30 tomorrow! Soon after starting to date my boyfriend, who is a primal/paleo fanatic, I also caught the bug. I just realized that good, real, unprocessed foods that were meant to be eaten can make such a large difference. Last summer I finished a Whole30 and I felt great, but sadly I haven't been so committed during the school year. This summer I'm working for the Forest Service 10 hours a day and multiple day backpacking trips and I've found myself needing so much more energy than before and all I can think of was how I felt last summer when I ate well.

So now I'm starting another Whole30 but this time with the limitations of packing lunches everyday if not for multiple days at a time. I've been on the lookout for food that can be prepared ahead of time and won't go back and can pack well, so lots of sliced meat and veggies that can stay fresh.

Just was wondering if anyone has ever done a Whole30 under such circumstances and if they had any tips!

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