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Half way through 1st W30 - South African style


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Finally we made it to the half way mark, and feeling great!

It wasnt as difficult as we thought it would be, but I believe the next two weeks will be the real challenge to see if we can survive.

So far we can see some improvements in our general health. Two weeks without any heartburn or any digestive problems, my skin is looking great and this morning hubby commented that he can now tighten his belt a little more.

I made a 30 day meal plan and it works great! No time to fuss about what I should make for breakfast, lunch or supper. We are both discovering new food and tastes (maybe it is just me, but my food is really tasting different).

Looking forward to the remaining 15 days and not even thinking about what food i'm missing. Hubby is dying to have some chocolate and cheese but he is really doing great, sticking to the meal plan. Let hope it will last....

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