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starting June 3rd


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Hi! My name is Erin. I heard about the Whole30 program through a couple of online friends. I picked up the book (It Starts With Food) today from the library, but I will probably be buying my own shortly since I like to highlight in books ;-). I'm 35, a mother of 2 boys (ages 11 & 12.5), and I have been married for almost 16 years. I work as a nurse. I love to workout, so exercise has never been a problem for me. I struggle more with eating. I have lost 20 in the past with Body for Life and Weight Watchers. Weight Watchers was nice as far as being able to eat "whatever you want" but I found myself using a lot of my points on junk and skimping on the healthy stuff because by then I was "out of points." I am looking forward to a "reset" through this new way of life.

My 12 year old has juvenile arthritis, and from what I have read so far I am thinking this would help him as well! Now I just need to convince him of that! He has never really been a meat or egg eater. He loves his carbs. Cereal, bread, crackers, etc. He is thin, so this would not be for weight loss, but for decreased inflammation of his joints so that he can get out and play and do things that 12 year olds like to do ;-)

One thing that I am a little leery about is that we go on vacation this Fri for a week, so part of me wanted to wait till we get back. But then I think about how if I start now, I will be almost 1/2 way through by the time we get back from vacation! Looking forward to meeting everyone and learning about this! Headed to the grocery store tomorrow!


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Great to have you here, Erin !

This IS a great way of life !

My daughter (just turned 16 on Friday) was diagnosed w/ Lyme disease last November. We thought her back and neck pains that she had for over a year were from overtraining in gymnastics. When her ankles, then wrists started bothering her, we finally got her tested, and Lyme was positive, with the doctor thinking she's had it quite a while. She's been in A LOT of pain till about two months ago when she started spending more time in the sun AND eating Whole30 almost all the time. She has no pain, feels great, and we just wrapped up a completely compliant Whole30 on Thursday and she feels so good. She is convinced that a combination of diet, sunshine, sleep and daily exercise is the way to go, and hopefully the symptoms will stay AWAY !

We are starting up another Whole30 tomorrow after a few days (on her part) of birthday treats- she is excited to start up again. This time around, we have my husband and two of the older brothers on board ! (The other 3 will benefit from what we are preparing, but they will also have non-compliant things now and again). Which reminds me- I need to get to the supermarket !!! ;)

In any case- I wish you all the best, and hope a gradual change in your sons way of eating/thinking will help him feel better.

Enjoy your vacation !


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I'm starting on June 3 as well. I have lupus and my two kids are addicted to carbs and sugar. I knew there was a problem when my daughter starts being grumpy when there is no dessert. They are not big meat eaters either. They do eat eggs and sometimes fish. It will be a challenge for all of us. They are just doing a reduced carb, more protein, no sugar thing while i am doing the Whole 30.

To a great journey!

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