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Time for a tune up

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I finished my first Whole 30 at the end of April, and I have been fairly true to the program since then when preparing my meals and ordering at restaurants. I have off-roaded and do know off-roading with certain foods just doesn't make my stomach feel well (chocolate chip cookie dough, baked good with gluten, feta, and chick peas), so it helps in making good choices easier just knowing I don't want my stomach to feel that way.

However, I have let some snacking creep in and this last week allowed the Sugar Dragon to take over. So today (well really, it was yesterday but that darned dragon got me again, so really today is the first day) I started a Whole10 to give myself a tune up and get back to where I was at the end of April.

I'm very happy with how far I have come and know this will help me out and get me back into the right mindset.

And if this Whole10 isn't enough, after I return from an extended weekend (which is why I'm not going longer than 10 right now), I'll be right back at it. I love the way my stomach feels this way and the side benefit of having my clothes fit comfortably is motivation too!

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