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Whole30 aftermath concerns (Extended travel questions)

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Hey everyone--

I would love to do a Whole30. I see that it could be really beneficial for me. However...I am going on a mission trip in December to Thailand and will have to eat rice, unidentified meats, airplane foods, etc.

This trip is not about me and my plan is to just make the best choices I can. I'm afraid I'll get sick though if I clear these things out of my system. I mean, I know I can reintroduce rice and such but I'm afraid that I'll be thrown a nutritional curveball or something and let my team down. I can't make a lot of food choices for myself due to being with host families in a country where meat is scarce and culturally it is important to not eat a lot of it.


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Emily, I'd suggest doing what we recommend for those going off to serve overseas... do the Whole30 now. Get your body in as good a shape as you can before you head off for your trip. Reintroduce white rice and other foods you suspect you might be eating during your trip to Thailand (do some research) to see what's going to be okay to eat and what you may want to avoid or eat in very small serving sizes. And then, go and do the best you can.

I wouldn't avoid something like the Whole30 because it may make you more aware of how off-plan choices affect you...I'd say use it to get in as strong a shape as you can (immune and gut-health-wise) before tramping off overseas. Make sense?



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