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started June 3 and excited to get underway!

Jud Beall

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hi all! my name is jud.


i started my whole30 on monday june 3rd after first discovering about it online a couple of days before. i have a loooooooong way to go. i'm 27 years old, 6 foot tall, and almost 400 pounds. it wasn't always this way, just a short 10 years ago i was a highly competitive tennis player and was on the tennis courts for 25+ hours a week. college, 'real world', marriage, sedentary job, etc all changed that.


i stopped drinking sodas in july of 2012, i experimented with juice fasting in august/september of 2012 and really liked the results. i felt amazing! but i knew that wasn't a sustainable lifestyle.


i love to cook, although i typically don't venture far from my 'standards' of meat and potatoes. i'm looking forward to exploring different meats, veggies, and fruits on my whole30. already i have tried several items i would have never thought i'd be eating - squash, zuchinni, sweet potatoes just to name a few.


i picked up it starts with food wednesday night and have already read it. i'm going back through it now and highlighting and tagging things that stick out to me.


i'm fortunate that locally we have a great farmers market as well as a local pastured/organic/etc/etc cattle ranch that sells their beef at affordable prices. we also have a natural grocers (http://www.naturalgrocers.com/) store here that is an awesome resource.


i'm looking forward to the next 30 days!


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