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Started June 1 - Documenting it at www.facebook.com/PracticingPrimal

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Hello Everyone~


I'm baaaaack!


I have done attempted the Whole30 three times previously this spring... 15, 9 & 14 days each (I think!).  Prior to that I attempted to eat Primal for about five weeks last fall.  The cravings always got me in the end.  This time my mom is pseudo-Whole30ing it with me so I can't let her down by quitting. I've got such a great mom! :) I did have several friends who were going to do the Whole30 with me as well, but they either chickened out or gave up within this first week so I've come back to the forums for support. 


I live in England (an American ex-pat - been here 3 1/2 years) so things are a bit harder to source over here... I'm part of a couple topics on this forum regarding sourcing food in the UK.  Those have been helpful.  Actually everything I have posted previously has gotten awesome supportive feedback so I'm looking forward to participating more in the forums this time around. 


I have a hubby and 4 kids who do not eat this way AT ALL (you could actually say they are anti-Paleo!).  I'm hoping to transition my kids at least partially later this year after I've had a few months under my belt.  However, my hubby is a lost cause... his saying is: "If it comes from the ground or the sea I don't eat it".  The only exception to the rule is potatoes! And he mostly eats those in the form of chips (french fries).  At least last year I got an acti-fry so they aren't as bad as they could be!  Anyway, breakfast and lunch aren't bad as the kids get their own breakfast and I pack them lunch, but dinner is a pain in the butt because I have to cook two meals.  So far it's working out ok.  I think after almost a year of attempting Paleo/Primal off & on we've got a pretty good system down. 


I have several health problems including hypothyroid, dysthymia, adrenal fatigue and something along the lines of chronic fatigue / fibromyalgia.  I have done a post about my health issues somewhere else on this forum... I'll probably go back to that page to update how my health changes as I go along this month.  I got started on Paleo after seeing a naturopathic doctor about a year ago regarding my health and she instructed me to try it.... too bad it's taken me a full year to get fully on the band wagon.  :(


To keep myself more accountable this time I'm documenting all my food on my facebook page: www.facebook.com/PracticingPrimal.  I also am doing a Tips & Tricks / You May Be Feeling daily post based on my previous attempts, stuff I've learned about Whole30 / Primal / Paleo and how I'm feeling this time around.  When I feel obligated to other people I'm more successful at things (unfortunately!).  Feel free to LIKE my fb page and support me on there with my daily stuff!  I don't think I'll be posting my daily meals and stuff onto here as well.  




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