Day 9 (started June 1st)


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This is my 2nd W30 and I just wanted to see how everyone who started around this same time was doing?? I had a hiccup with my bacon but I've marinated in my stress for 5 minutes and now I am moving on. (stupid sugar ruins EVERYTHING hahaha)


I'm doing another W30 for a multitude of reasons: mainly for overall well-being. With my first W30 experience being SUCH an awesome success, I didn't hesitate to plan another one.


2nd reason: Celiac disease. I can just safely say: for anyone whoever has had to suffer over the shopping, spending and creating of gluten-free foods-- W30 takes out the stress out of it all!! clean eating is the way to go and the reading of labels has gone down significantly considering that I rarely buy ANYTHING now with a label on it. WINNING!!


3rd reason: (as I've posted before in the success stories) I have cancer; an uncurable blood leukemia to be exact and it stinks. My doctor was and IS fully on board with a dietary lifestyle change that will be of any aid to help me. I've been on and off chemo since October 2012 and I am currently off to undergo my 6-week radiation treatment. While W30 is providing me with unsurpassed natural energy and a healthier way of life, it doesn't mean my cancer is going to cooperate. LOL BUT the good news is, I know the amazing blood results I got the first time around and if that isn't motivation enough to do another W30, then damn it, quality of life and delicious tasting food should be!!


4th reason: PEOPLE! I love to be social,stay upbeat and positive and feed the cheering to individuals who are new to W30 (or need some extra encouragement) and might be frustrated or overwhelmed...especially since myself and many others on the forums have allllll been there :)

I've had several people in my hometown join me in my 2nd round since a) they are tremendously supportive of me B) they want to change everything they know about bad eating habits and you know what? IT STARTS WITH FOOD. boo-yaaaahhh!!!


So... not that I am looking for a meal play by play of what everyone is eating, but just getting a pulse check and road bumps on some fellow W30-ers out there.





Little Peanut :)

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