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  1. Littlepeanut

    Confused about eating meal one after workout

    Not sure if you ever got an answer for an option to post WO--- I have bought and cooked chicken breast tenders before and kept them cold in a little icepack in my gym bag or purse. That way I could eat it before heading home and then make a meal. It was better then tuna since I got burnt out on it and kept me from getting post workout rage on someone from needing to eat LOL I would say try that... or if you don't mind fish.... that would work too. A little lunchbag to sneak in your purse or bag is all you need with a coldpak and you can find some suupppeeerr small ones that are perfect at walmart or target and such.. Hope that helps a little more! Happy clean eating and workouts! Cheers!
  2. Littlepeanut

    Confused about eating meal one after workout

    what would you recommend for a good pre workout meal?? normally I used to eat half a LARABAR before my workout and half cup water and then after workout, eat meal one... i have yet to rekindle my workout routine during my 2nd W30 but I'm curious to know what I REALLY should be doing