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  1. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    Peanut was given to me as a nickname by a lovely couple I kmew growing up who owned a shop above my parents business. It sort of stuck. Little still being that i am 31 and not even 5'0" lol. I'm so glad my story inspired you as well as others. It gives me an amazing amount of pride. I know i will constantly be fighting my life against the diseased powers that be, but why fight fire with fire?? i like the fight fire with food approach... It cooks my meals perfect enough to eat! Lol
  2. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    Hi!! Yes for the most part i did away with eating sugar but sadly towards the end... I couldn't taste food so i went to eating anything i could taste and it was mostly sweet foods (yogurt, ice cream, applesauce, etc)... I did eat a TON of fruit but even some of that tasted awful like metal :/
  3. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    Laurie, as far as your boyfriend, i am sending lots of love and huggles mate. Any severe illness/disease affects us all, even loved ones. Best advice, be strong and accept that it's ok when you aren't or can't be. As far as for him, whatever he can stomach to eag, let him eat it! Obviously strived for healtheir choices, but at one point... I would've given my left arm to eat something i didn't throw up later or didn't taste like the bottom sode of a car. Even doing a whole30 was really hard but i made sure i always ate and had extra food (in case i never held it down). I would definitely meet with a nutrtionist who might specialize in weight gain and work out something safe for him to try... Possibly when he gets out? Feel free to message me, maybe we can hash out some ideas but since i'm not a docotr, not sure how my advice might pan out LOL.For me, i am well. I finished a very long long looonnggggg time on chemo july 3rd and have been recooperating ever since. I have put on about 35lbs because of all the drugs leaving my system but that won't last long, believe me. Lol i am back to my w30 community and plan to kick ace. Be sure to look for my new thread when i start one I've missed you all SO much! Cheers mates!
  4. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    HI EVERYONE!!!!!!!! I' M ALIVE!
  5. Littlepeanut

    Making Mayo

    Nom Nom Paleo has a great article on her page about saving Broken Mayo... I would cruise over there and take a look at it for reference
  6. Littlepeanut

    Whole30 Instagram Accounts

    Those are great!!! I know it sounds silly to even suggest using a "hashtag" but then you get all the photos of your delicious meals out there to show and share with everyone!! Great thinking!!
  7. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    Hello mates!!! SO sorry i haven't updated in so long!!! I could never forget about my whole30 fam!!! Truth is i've been really sick lately. They aren't really sure what to do but fear not! I'm as fiesty as ever!!! For anyone who reads this; i start my 80th w30 april 1 (ok, not REALLY 80th but i just love doing them!!) i hope everyone is doing smashing and i really hope my story inspires you and others to seek a fantastic relationship with what you eat. It really DOES matter!! Thank you all so so much for the recent posts and check-ins!! It's so amazing to see- i can't tell you!! I hope you all will join me april 1 and help keep me accountable (I have recently cuddled up to my sugar dragon and bloody hell.. I think we need to see other people!) Many huggles and love to all!! CHEERS MATES!
  8. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    first, CONGRATS ON YOUR FIRST WHOLE30!!!!!! How do you feel!?!?!?!?!?! This is my third and it's the best thing I could have ever found out about and done. Total success. Thank you for your kind words- they mean so much, even from a stranger on a forum. and I'm a hugger so bring on the hugs! LOL Cheers mate
  9. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    HI EVERYONE!!!!! I started my 3rd W30 on Sept. 1st so just checking in with everyone. Chemo is going ok. (I still have most of my hair still woot!!) Looking to be off it officially in November so I'm hitting the w30 hard hahaha. My birthday is coming up in October (the big 3-0, woohoo!) and I have my first checkup for these last 90days of chemo on the 3rd so I am hoping for some kickace results! I love how the Whole30 is my medicine!!!!!!! I've been jumping in and out of the forums this time around just seeing how everyone is doing so thought I should pop in and say HELLO!! Thank you everyone to all the views, replies and support! SO AMAZING!!!!!!! lots of loves, huggles and happy tum-tum's!! Cheers!!!!!! LP
  10. Littlepeanut

    Confused about eating meal one after workout

    Not sure if you ever got an answer for an option to post WO--- I have bought and cooked chicken breast tenders before and kept them cold in a little icepack in my gym bag or purse. That way I could eat it before heading home and then make a meal. It was better then tuna since I got burnt out on it and kept me from getting post workout rage on someone from needing to eat LOL I would say try that... or if you don't mind fish.... that would work too. A little lunchbag to sneak in your purse or bag is all you need with a coldpak and you can find some suupppeeerr small ones that are perfect at walmart or target and such.. Hope that helps a little more! Happy clean eating and workouts! Cheers!
  11. Littlepeanut

    Sea salt with dextrose

    Finding salt in my town is becoming a hassle... I've been using a salt in my house and today (of course AFTER making meal 2) i noticed it had "less then 2% dextrose" SUGAR NOOOOOO!!! While i know it's a honest error- i'm frustrated. I also find that same "less then 2%" term on a lot of uncured organic meats... So i know sugar is sugar: anyone know of sea salt i can order?? We have a nature's grocers where i bought this salt but not many other options. Grrr lol
  12. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    It's ok.. I am totally still staying positive! I know exactly what W30 does for me and HAS done... so I just keep eating as best as I can! thanks for the thoughts! you're awesome!!
  13. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    Hey W30-ians!! Just checking in!! Been pretty sick lately so I'm back on chemo BUT I am going to plan another w30 come September.. maybe October??.. Hope everyone is doing alright!! I'm hangin in there and I hope everyone else is too!!! W30 SUCCESS!!!
  14. Littlepeanut

    Black Coffee

    Welcome to the black coffee fan club DJ!! I am a big advocate on black coffee- never been a big fan of sweetners in it. I do love French press made coffee. SOOOO strong and dark, LOVE IT. I consider getting anything other then my black coffee a "treat" or "dessert" since it's so sweet and sugary... Glad to hear that 10 months after that you have maintained the love of caffeine in a more controllable way. That is excellent news!! I hope everything else is going smashing for you, mate! Cheers!! -LP
  15. Littlepeanut

    w30 is curing my cancer

    haha I always tell people CHEAT FOR ME! lol... Chemo is really hard so when I get to eat super food (as I call it since it's all extremely nutritional and amazingly deliciously awesome for me)... but on bad days... i really miss eating yogurt since that's usually my go-to food for nutrients. Baby food ( I know that sounds weird) also helps as well... I buy the organic food [still read my labels] so that way I don't feel completely sick but I still get nutrients from food in some way. I say stay true to W30 for you.. but I like acting as a silent guide.