Whole30 Success even in Louisiana!

Rob Corzo

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Yes, even with all the great tasting food we have down here in Acadiana, it is possible to successfully complete a Whole30 and still be happy.


Big Gets:

lost 12.6lbs.

clothes fitting better

continuous restful sleep without waking since day 4 (never in my life have I experienced this)

sugar dragon is physically slayed

my self-esteem is improving just from the knowledge that for the first time ever I am actually nurturing my body with food rather than tearing it down


Smaller Gets:

allergy symptoms have lessened

complexion has improved

I have become a lot better cook

improved physical intimacy with my Wife (she's like 98.6375% compliant, in whole30 that is :P



None really, I haven't experienced "tiger blood" but figure its probably coming, my mid afternoon lethargy has shifted to early evening but feels even more dramatic than before but I think this might be from too much caffeine reliance earlier in the day


Continuous Improvement:

less caffeine

even less fruit (currently at a serving every couple of days)

less nuts (not really BINGING on them, but it has become my new "grab, shove, and wolf down" as I pass the pantry)

need to work on my coping skills, I've always relied on carbs to quiet my emotions, while I don't feel irritable from sugar cravings anymore I do feel very sensitive and touchy as I feel certain emotions that I've never dealt with healthily before (very similar to when I became clean and sober over 10 years ago)


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