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Postpartum Periods!!!!


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I just learned (the hard way) that getting your period back postpartum can be a MAJOR ordeal : (


I am restarting my second Whole30 tomorrow, so that I can see whether next month I can avoid the agony of extreme PMS. Tonight, I wrote all about my experience on my blog, http://greenmountainmomma.blogspot.com/


If you are awaiting the return of your period postpartum, please read this so that you can know what could happen when it returns - and why Whole30 just might be your best defense against a bad experience!

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Have any of you ever had a coming-off-the-pill period? I've been off the pill since January, but my cycle hasn't been normal. I know that coming off the pill can do that. I had heavier-than-usual spotting for the last two weeks, had a normal-ish period for what I've had the last 8 months, two days off, and then once the spotting/whatever started up again (a day ago), I have been emotional through the roof.


A friend announced she was pregnant. I am actively trying not to be pregnant because I'm contracted to work with my current employer through 2018 and I want to stay home when I do have kids. I got in the car to go home and started sobbing. Inconsolably sobbing. I stopped crying eventually, then every time I thought about it and/or my husband mentioned it, I started again. Yesterday morning, waterworks again. It sounds like a PPP to me based on what you ladies have mentioned, and since the pill tricks your body into thinking it's pregnant, maybe that's what this was? I'm giving it another month before I go in and get checked out since I know that getting your hormones back in line after the pill can take up to a year depending on your body.

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