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  1. MrsStick

    Baby Led Weaning

    My son definitely likes his food to have flavor. Plain mashed potatoes...not so much. Mix in some of the roast beef drippings...much better. He eats taco meat and sloppy joes (the Well Fed weeknights recipe is SO AMAZING) without any issue, pesto sauce will get him to eat more than without it. One other thing...the doctor is also very overweight/probably obese, if not morbidly so, and that's probably also a consideration in his food advice. *sigh*
  2. MrsStick

    Baby Led Weaning

    The doctor is older. I'll be seeing him again later this week and am just not going to bother mentioning food (and if he asks I'll just say what little Twig's favorite foods are and not bother asking any questions). I've been working with my little guy and things are much better now. I'm about to stop with apple juice becasue he isn't really drinking it (I have to throw away mostly-full sippy cups because the juice smells off) and just offer water. He hasn't gone through 4 oz of liquid in a week so far, so I don't think the water thing is really a worry. He does like applesauce, so I give him that to help him keep pooping and poops are much less of a significant emotional event. Right now he's teething so apple fingers have been great - he can hold them and they're softer on his gums. He loves LOVES LOVES cherry tomatoes (in pieces that he can pick up and put in his mouth). If I give him as many of those as he wants he'd probably eat 8-10 every day at lunch. He enjoyed gingered zucchini soup. He LOVED tuna salad. Dill pickles are a pretty big hit. Gnocchi with pesto sauce and mashed sweet potato with ghee/salt/cinnamon were GONE in minutes. We do occasionally give gluten free grains if it's what we're having with a meal (and I'll admit to using Cheerios on occasion) but...when people say their kid doesn't eat anything other than these five things I just don't get it. I feed my kid food that I eat and sometimes he doesn't like it. But he eats his veggies, he likes some fruits, and he about threw a fit when we were out of tuna salad for lunch. Feed kids food, kids eat food. Now to figure out planning for when my pescitarian sister and her family come for a visit...
  3. So I had my first kombucha explosion on Thursday night. Thankfully no one was in the was around 10 at night and hubby and I heard a pop then glass tinkling. That took 45 minutes of cleaning before we could go to bed. What bottles do you guys use for your second ferment? I'm in the market (especially if they can be bought online...).
  4. @purplepadres how much of the flavoring did you use? I'm planning to try to recreate an apple cider booch I bought commercially but am not sure how much juice I should add vs. the spices. Did you use a cinnamon stick? Do you think it could be reused for more than one batch if you did?
  5. MrsStick

    Scared to start

    Just a warning, though - don't stress about weight. Honest. You specifically mentioned 20 pounds to lose, but that worries me. Your baby is only 2.5 months old, your body takes a while to get everything back together again. Also, your hormones are still going crazy right now since you are pumping/feeding your baby, and a lot of women's bodies hold on to an extra 5-10 pounds until they're done nursing. I'm 8 months postpartum, not eating W30 but eating close to it (maybe 80% W30) and nursing my son. I'm still over my weight when I got pregnant, but can zip my pre-baby jeans now (in the last 2-ish months). They don't fit right and aren't comfortable but I can put them on my body and close them. I've been working out (more earlier on, it's a bit harder now that my son is mobile), eating mostly clean, and nursing away calories but I'm still not down to my earlier weight, and my hips are still a different size than they were. All that to say...don't think about your weight. Your body took a while to gain the weight, it's going to take a while to get rid of it. If you drop the weight too fast/early you can risk losing your milk supply. Do what feels right to you, and give yourself some room for mental health. It's hard being a mom to a little, it's harder being a working mom to a little, it's harder being a working and pumping mom to a little, and it's even harder doing all of that and a W30.
  6. Looks like my experiment is working! There are a bunch of little spots of baby SCOBY floating around on the surface of my kombucha!
  7. I'm going crazy and am trying to make kombucha with two baby SCOBYs that had formed in my flavored booch I'd bought a couple weeks ago (apple cider flavored). I don't know if it'll work or not but I could clearly see both the bacteria and yeasts in the little babies so I decided I'd try it. I'll let you know in a couple of weeks if it works.
  8. MrsStick

    Do your cave babies eat a ton of food?

    Yep. My 8 month old eats SO MUCH. At lunch today he ate 1/4 avocado (he's eaten as much as half of one at a sitting), 1/4 cup applesauce (he's been having a little trouble pooping since we've introduced solids and this helps him out a lot), and some cherry tomato and grape pieces as I bit them off for him. Last night's dinner he ate 5 green beans and two 1" cube-ish chunks of plantain. I can't believe how much he's eating, since he's only been eating food for a little over two months.
  9. You can use green tea for kombucha though! I usually do a mix of black and green because I'm not a super huge fan of the flavor of black tea. You can even use plain white tea for a more delicate flavor (you can't let it ferment as long with lighter teas if I recall correctly because there are fewer tannins for the SCOBY to digest) but I haven't found plain white, just flavored whites. As long as there's no flavoring to the tea, you're just fine!
  10. I was there once before! When I first got pregnant I couldn't go near my kombucha without shuddering because of the texture of touching the SCOBY. Three months of kombucha on the counter later I had to rip the SCOBY apart piece by's harder to do than you'd think.
  11. MrsStick

    Baby Led Weaning

    My son had his six month appointment (almost 2 months late thanks to moving and insurance fun) this past week and the doctor...threw me for a loop. I was wondering if anyone has heard these and what thoughts you all think about this. I've been doing baby led weaning with him. We're not strictly W30 or Paleo at home but we eat according to what W30 taught us about our bodies. I have Celiac so the one nonnegotiable is gluten free at home. My son has does awesome with trying foods; the only things he didn't like were ground sausage and a jarred spaghetti sauce that were too spicy. He eats tons of sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, avocado, steamed/roasted veggies, little pieces of meat we're eating, banana, grapes, get the idea. Lots of fruits and veggies, some meat, some fat (that kid loves mayo dip as much as I do, which is saying something), and the occasional grain (mostly white rice when we do have grains). He has a sippy cup of water at the table for when he eats 'people food' because the transition to solids was giving him a little trouble pooping initially. We give him water only when he's eating food, and not a lot. The doctor told us 1. no water until he's a year old - give him apple juice or gatorade if you need to give him a liquid, 2. no meat until he's 9 months old, 3. if he's having trouble pooping give him Karo syrup or [brand] baby suppositories. I understand the thinking behind the no water thing - electrolyte imbalance could be very dangerous for a baby. But he's always eating after a full nursing session and only gets water with meals. So his stomach has milk and food in it - the water won't give him an imbalance in the tiny quanitites he'd get it in. Meat...I can't find anything online about why this might be. My little guy mostly eats fruits and veggies right now but he loves to eat the chicken from chicken salad. Karo syrup...just...I can't. How is needing to give a small child a suppository to get them to poop somehow better than giving them a little bit of water with their meal? What is wrong with us?
  12. Read this article Melissa wrote when she was pregnant about doing a W30 while pregnant. She went into detail on food aversions and the like. My thoughts are eat what you can. I had really terrible aversions while I was pregnant - I was down to gluten free bread and butter, plain Ruffles potato chips, mashed potatoes, and toast for several weeks. The next three foods I could touch were fruit cups, GF macaroni and cheese, and orange juice. Aversions are HARD to get through, I know. If you can paleo-ify something like your chicken fingers and it lets you eat it, then do it. If you know that you can tolerate that bun (since you've done a reintroduction) and it would let you eat meat, then go for it. If it would make you feel bad, don't eat it. Basically, eat things you know you can tolerate if they sound good. The aversions will pass, and you can eat your favorite foods again. Right now, eat what your body will allow.
  13. Thanks! I'm going to buy the plain this week. They didn't have any at the farmer's market but I can visit the store at some point. They had a lavender flavored bottle that I left in my fridge for two weeks and had to strain out a considerable amount of SCOBY but I didn't know if it would be weakened by the non-tea flavoring so I threw it out. One other note - apple cider flavored booch is AMAZING. They used apple juice + cinnamon + cloves to flavor it. I'm going to play around with it to try to get it right because WHOA MAN was it good.
  14. MrsStick

    vegetable borscth

    I'd say a compliant nut milk instead of coconut milk. I tend to be pretty sensitive to the flavor of coconut milk in non-curry type dishes.
  15. MrsStick

    At a loss for fats

    Coconut flakes can be part of a trail mix with cashews/almond slivers/raisins. Does she like olives? Tuna salad made with tuna + mayo + pickles? Egg salad with mayo?