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I am on day 27 of my first Whole 30 and love it. For the most part I plan on continuing with many of the principles as I begin training for my 3rd marathon (NYC!) next month. I've read a lot about what people eat during their long runs and feel confident with experimenting with Lara bars, mashed sweet potatoes etc.

My question is what to eat before my long runs on Saturday or Sunday mornings. Generally, before Whole 30 I would do a piece or two of toast with almond or peanut butter and a banana about an hour before I start.

Before my morning workouts over the last 27 day I have been doing a HB egg but I'm only running 3-4 miles or a 30 minute strength workout so the egg has worked fine. I'm worried that as my long runs get longer, one HB egg won't be enough. Should I just try eating 2 or 3 HB eggs? Any other suggestions would be great, thank you!

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I am a post Whole30 ultra runner and long course triathlete who used Whole30 to fix nutrition problems I didn't know I had. Through trial and error, I've found that 2 salted poached eggs and about half a cup of sweet potato get me started on my long runs, currently in the 20-30 mi range. I eat about an hour before I run, and don't eat again until about 30 mins into the run.

I'm surprised at how little I can eat before these runs and do just fine. Poached eggs agree with my stomach better than hard boiled or fried for running. Took some experimenting to find this out. Just be willing to try different things and timing before finding what works for you. Good luck!!

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