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Started Day 2: Time to Slay the Sugar Dragon!


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Today is Day 2 for me (started 6/24). Yesterday went very well and was surprisingly not as hard as I thought it would be. But, I woke up with a crazy, raging headache, which I shall affectionately call "The Stupid Sugar Dragon." I suppose this is a good thing because I HATE the thought of being addicted to ANYTHING (I'm kinda a control freak sometimes), so this evidence of my body rebelling has me all fired up, saying, "OH, NO! I will NOT be controlled by you, Stupid Sugar Dragon!" So, hopefully once I get past withdrawal, I will be able to "slay" my cravings with the same attitude.  


I'm just going to take it day-by-day, baby stepping through because anyone can do anything for 30 days, right?!


For my own posterity, here's my food Log from yesterday:



2 scrambled eggs with red and bell pepper

Cup of coffee with coconut cream (This tastes a lot better than I thought it would!)



Strawberries and grapes

Macadamia nuts



Spinach salad with roast chicken breast, olives, EVOO and balsamic vinegar




Grape tomatoes



Grilled pork loin chop (marinated in sherry vinegar, EVOO, garlic and onion powder, sea salt and pepper)

Grilled broccolini

Strawberries and grapes





Spinach/strawberry/blueberry/mango/coconut milk/chia seed smoothie (I know, trying to stay away from smoothies but due to Stupid Sugar Dragon, the idea of eating eggs or anything else was nauseating, so I had to do what I had to do. It was mostly spinach!)

Coffee with coconut cream (even when I feel gross, I do love my ONE morning cup o' joe)


Snack (if I'm hungry):



Lunch plan:

Pork loin, sweet potato, onion, red/yellow bell peppers sauteed in olive oil, sprinkled with curry powder, sea salt, and pepper, then simmered for 5 minutes in 1/2 can coconut milk


Snack (if I'm hungry):

Mini-cucumbers and grape tomatoes



Probably leftover pork chops with steamed broccolini



So, there you have it! Hope everyone else is having great success!! :D



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