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starting over tomorrow

heather rose

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I admit I did not do well the first time I did the Whole30. I made it two weeks and then it started to go downhill. My cravings came back even more intense. I had a couple of bad cheats (donut! OMG!) and so I dropped it. I wish I hadn't.

  I have osteoarthritis in my knees and I am a runner. When I was doing the whole30 my knees felt good. Now they are hurting again...feelings swollen more often. I am having issues with stairs again, kneeling down and crouching. I have realized that I believe my knee problems are a result of systemic inflammation. So I want to try again.

   I also just finally got the book today from the library...had been waiting on it forever. I have already finished half of it and it has cleared up a lot of little confusions for me. So I think this time will be more successful.



I start tomorrow. A month from tomorrow I am running a trail marathon. I am hoping that doing this will help me with that training.

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Good luck! There is a group of us who just started (some of us again) yesterday. Feel free to join in on the conversation, as there are a lot of diverse voices there. 


Part of my reason for doing the Whole30/Whole9 lifestyle change is to get back to running. I was in marathon shape a couple of years ago before an injury, career change, divorce and move totally derailed my eating and exercise habits. 


I'm hoping that hitting the reset button will be the key to turning things around.  :D

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